Yachtcharter - North Cape Sailboat Charter

Yachtcharter - North Cape Sailboat Charter
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Yachtcharter - North Cape Sailboat Charter

North Cape Sailboat Charter is a new contributor to sailboat charter in North-Norway. Home port Honningsvog, the northernmost town of Norway – next to North Cape, at latitude 71° north. NCSC would like to give the sailors coastal experiences in the far north, an extreme challenge. Nature, local culturel experiences, mixed up together Honningsvåg according to where you area sailing along the coast. You will afterwards have impressions which never will leave your mind.

North Cape Sailboat Charter a yacht rental company with home port in Norway's northernmost town, Honningsvag - the town of North Cape. - 71 º n.br.

NCSC will pass through their rental experiences in the coastal waters of northern Europe to the sailing enthusiasts who want to challenge the extreme, but within safe limits.

Nature, local cultural events, local art, in perfect union, depending on mission progress, will race to give the impression that never leaves your mind.

NCSC will not be able to compete with sailing holiday in the southern district what the temperature is concerned. Our segment will be offered to those who aspire to the challenges and other experiences than those experienced in southern waters.

71 º n is far away for most sailors. To go as far north by boat requires vacation time far beyond what most people have at their disposal. NCSC can remedy that with its offer of utleiebåt.

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