The world of the "rallar", NVIM - Tyssedal, Odda

The world of the "rallar", NVIM - Tyssedal, Odda

Walk through the old watercourses. Stone cutting and basic café. Use Norwegian Hydropower - and Industrial Museum (NVIM) as a starting point for a fantastic journey into the "rallar's" (working man) dramatic landscape. Children/Family Adventure centre, Architecture Museum.

Tyssedal is built up around the impressive power plant Tysso I (1906-1918), a renowned landmark with its neoclassic architecture and enormous dimensions. The plant is a cultural heritage and an impressive monument of technology, great visions and destinies. The museum by the fjord tells the history through guided tours, exhibitions and events.

The Norwegian Hydropower - and Industrial Museum (NVIM) is presenting the history through the industry villages Odda and Tyssedal. Our main attractions are the multimedia program "The Industry Fairytale" and Tyssedal Power Plant, as well as the exhibitions "The Great Step", "A Shining Metallic Future" and "Waterfall...". These attractions are making our near history almost alive.

Tyssedal offers beautiful architecture; a stroll through the village gives you all examples of the Norwegian architectural history, from the old farm in Swiss style to the post-modern church. The National Monument of Hydropower; “Elektra” is situated on Tveitahaugen, overlooking the village and the surrounding mountains. There is an outdoor pool and a local arts crafts house. Tyssedal Hotel has excellent food and a great art collection.

Finse lies at 1222 meters a.s.l. and is the most elevated railway station in the whole of Norway. Here you will find many possibilities for nice hikes like the one to Hardangerjøkulen, the glacier just west of the station. We can recommend a guided tour on Hardangerjøkulen with Jøklagutane. A visit to the Rallar Museum is compulsorary for you who are cycling the Rallarvegen. Detailed and useful information concerning the story behind the Bergen Railway is found here. It shows how the men recorded snow depths, planned, staked out the route and the actual tools and aid that were used to make sure the construction work could carry on, can be found in the Rallar Museum at Finse. This is situated in the house east of Finse station. If you wish to spend the night at Finse, it is possible to do so at Finse 1222 and at Finsehytta.

Time and location
Day: Tuesday
Time: 01.07.10 - 31.08.10, kl. 11:00 - 18:00
Location: Norsk Vasskraft- og Industristadmuseum (Norwegian Museum of Hydro Power and Industry)

Per person NOK 35 (adult)
Children - Free of charge

The world of the "rallar", Norwegian Museum of Hydropower and Industry (NVIM) - Map:
The world of the


Postal Address:
Norwegian Museum of Hydropower and Industry (NVIM)
Naustbakken 7
Ph. +47 53 65 00 50
fax. +47 53 65 00 51

Visiting Address:
The world of the "rallar"
NVIM, Naustbakken 7, N - 5770 TYSSEDAL, Norway
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Also visit Tyssedal power plant (1906) In Tyssedal, Odda - A Historical monument Architecture Museum.

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