Walks in the Lillehammer mountains

Walks in the Lillehammer mountains

In the mountain area of Nordseter/Sjusjøen, Øyerfjellet and Venabygdsfjellet there is a network of signposted footpaths that are shown on a map with suggested walks. At Venabygdsfjellet a number of signposted footpaths lead into the Rondane National Park.

The route network of the Norwegian Mountain Touring Association from Rondane to Lillehammer crosses the Ringebufjellet mountain area, well known for its easy and open expanses. The Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT) recommends a number of excellent marked trails in the varied wilderness of Nordseter, Sjusjøen and Øyerfjellet. The self-service cabins Eldåbu, Gårhøgbu, Breitjønnbu and Vetabu of the Norwegian Mountain Touring Association are located in this area. Key and membership card for sale at the Tourist Information Office and at Venabu. A planning map of the route network is free of charge.

Nordseter is an excellent starting point for those who wish to take trips high up into the mountains. One very popular destination is Nevelfjell Mountain (1,089 metres above sea level). From the top of this mountain, you can enjoy a spectacular view of the Jotunheimen and Rondane mountain ranges. The hike up Neverfjell is easily done in a day, summer as well as winter (then with skis of course).

From Sjusjøen, you can walk to Lunkefjell Mountain or Sjusjøfjell Mountain. The walk around Lake Sjusjøvannet, or to the Fjellelva River, is an excellent alternative if you want to avoid climbing.

Hike Mount Lunkefjell, 1012 metres above sea level. These are just some of the many wonderful mountain walks you can enjoy with the help of Shanks's mare.

Venabu Mountain Hotel is situated at 932 m above sea level in the centre of Venabygdsfjellet's mountain plateau near Rondane mountains. The hotel is a perfect starting point for walking and offers a whole lot of other activities including horse riding (own stables), canoeing, cycling and fishing.Venabu is situated north of Lillehammer, on Road 27 between the valleys of Gudbrandsdalen and Østerdalen in eastern Norway. There are guided walks every day except Saturday. Each day there are two walks, an easy (10 - 15 km) and a longer one (15 - 25 km)

Snow shoe walks
A trip on snow shoes in the unspoilt and peaceful winter landscape is a fantastic experience. Routes can be adapted to suit everyone. Follow waymarked trails in mountain and forest terrain at Nordseter.

Sjusjøen Fritid, N-2612 Sjusjøen.
Tel. +47 62 36 34 05 / 917 33 384
E-Mail: info@sjusjoen-fritid.no
Web: www.sjusjoen-fritid.no

Nordseter Aktivitets- & Skisenter, 2618 Lillehammer,
Tel. +47 61 26 40 12
Web: www.nordseter.no
Nordseter/Sjusjøen, Øyerfjellet and Venabygdsfjellet moutain walk

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