Steigen Sjøhus - Sea cottage of high standard

Steigen Sjøhus
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Steigen Sjøhus - Sea cottage of high standard

The Westin Sjøhus Can you get a relaxing holiday, rich in beautiful natural experience.

The accommodation is located on a water break with a view two Western Fjord, Lofoten Islands and the midnight sun. Just across the fjord is Svolvær. With the accommodation you can step right the two floating wherefores it is 9 x 19-foot boats with 50 hp. Engines and wait for the big fisherman.

The beautiful archipelago of the plant is protected and extremely valuable. When you are tired of fishing, you can "loaf" around to look for sea eagles. When you are tired of fishing, you can "loaf" around two look for sea eagles. It is not difficult to find since the archipelago in Steigen has the world's highest concentrations of sea eagles.

The plant is suitable for anglers, sea fishing clubs, sport divers or families who want to paddle kayak or canoe in a fantastic archipelago. Together with Our partner we can "sew" together in a "package" of What You Want; Perhaps a trip the two special, abandoned lighthouse: Flatøy guy.

Sea cottage of high standard. Each has 2-3 bedrooms and 4-6 beds, a spacious living room and kitchen combined.

View toward Vestfjorden and Engeløya. Boats for sea fishing and trips in the skerries. We recommend a trip on a large fishing boat with a local skipper during winter and spring.

There are whale safaris in Vestfjorden and Tysfjorden, as well as hiking with or without a guide. Go diving in crystal-clear water with an experienced guide. Air tank refill available. We offer you a trip with horse and carriage (sleigh in winter) to enjoy the fantastic scenery around Steigen and Engeløya. Come with us island hopping in Steigen’s skerries by boat, rent one of our bicycles to tour around the community on quiet roads

If you come late autumn is the chance to experience the Orca whale watching safari

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