Trondheim art gallery and Museum

Trondheim art gallery and Museum

The Art Gallery is attractively placed close to Nidaros Cathedral and the Archbishop's Palace and has Norway's third largest collection of pictorial art, totaling more than 2700 items. Most of the collection consists of Norwegian pictorial art from the mid 18th century to the present day. There is also the largest collection of Danish pictorial art in Scandinavia outside Denmark. Every year there are special exhibitions of modern and historical art.

Norway’s third largest public art collection with important works from Norwegian and Danish art
history. Around 10 alternating exhibitions each year. This year’s summer exhibition features the work
of Per Kirkeby, one of Europe’s foremost contemporary artists, 21.6 – 4.10. New section opened at
Gråmølna in Nedre Elvehavn with among other things a presentation of the two major art donations
by Håkon Bleken and Inger Sitter.

Trondheim - home of the painters

Painters have always had a prominent position in the city. A lot of the most famous painters in the country come from Trondheim and Trøndelag, among others names like Håkon Bleken, Jakob Weidemann, Inger Sitter, Lars Tiller, Roar Wold, Kjell Erik Killi Olsen and Håkon Gullvåg.

From 16th June - 15th September 2002, the Trondheim Museum of Art will have an extensive exhibition of Inger Sitter's works. It will be a retrospective exhibition with pictures from 1943 to 2001. The pictures are abstract yet they play, in one way or another, on outward, recognizable themes.

In addition, the museum has a presentation of its regular collection, with famous contributions from Adolph Tidemand, Peder Balke, Christian Krohg, Harald Solberg, Harriet Backer and others. A visit to the museum's shop and cafe is also recommended.

Open: 21.08 - 20.06.: 11–16, Monday closed. 21.06 - 20.08.: 10–17, every day

Price: 50,- (a). 40,- (c). 30,- (s/p). 90,- (f)

Trondheim art gallery and Museum
Trondheim centre
Bispegt. 7b, N-7013 Trondheim
Tel: (+47) 73 53 81 80
Fax: (+47) 73 53 81 70
Trondheim art gallery and Museum at Trondheim centre - Trondheim - home of the painters

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