Polstjerna - Seal Hunting Vessel

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Polstjerna - Seal Hunting Vessel
Hjalmar Johansens gate 12 NO-9007
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Polstjerna - Seal Hunting Vessel

Polstjerna is a 1949 seal hunting vessel, which completed 33 Arctic expeditions. Museum ship open in summer.

Foundation M / S Pole Star (org. No.: 985660670), and simultaneously transferred ownership to the association's vessel, M / S "Pole Star", to the foundation whose purpose is "to restore and preserve the M / S Pole Star in the dry dock with canopy, doing scientific studies on the M / S Pole Star and present the M / S Pole Star in the form of a permanent exhibition. " 12/31/1909 The Trust had completed its task and title to the vessel and preserving the building was the same date transferred free of charge to the University of Tromsø. Foundation M / S Pole Star is thus dissolved.

M / S "Pole Star" is one of the last-built vessels in its class and is by far the best preserved vessel that participated in the seal hunt. The vessel has over the years undergone some limited replacement of the wheelhouse in 1975 is the largest. Yet much of the original materials remain. All the furniture above and below deck are original and the vessel appears to be very authentic.

The main engine was originally a 300 hp Crossley, who was replaced by a 400 hp Wichmann in 1964. The original auxiliary engine is still preserved. This also applies to the original sailing rig, hunting boats, doors and vindurer and teak wheelhouse panel to the original, and a host of personal property.

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