Tromsø and Lyngen

Tromsø and Lyngen

The city of Tromsø is known as "the Paris of the North" and "the Gateway to the Arctic", and makes an interesting and exciting point of departure for excursions in the area. The nature offers endless variation - from 1800 metres high mountain peaks, to lush fjord regions and literally hundreds of islands. Tromsø offers a variety of experiences, and below you will find a selection of these attractions.

Visit the 1800m high Lyngen. Alps to the east, go on a voyage of discovery out towards the Atlantic Ocean, experience fertile agricultural villages beneath steep mountains and learn more about Norwegian and Saami culture and that of the residents of Finnish origin. The Municipality of Lyngen has around 3200 residents, and covers an area of 810 km² on the mountain-rich Lyngen Peninsula.

Human settlement in Tromsø and Lyngen dates back around 10,000 years, while the Saami culture here goes back at least 2000 years. Scandinavian language and culture could be found here from 300-400 AD, and Lyngen experienced immigration from Finland as early as the 1700s. A strong Norwegianising of the formerly Saami and Finnish areas of Tromsø and Lyngen started around 1900, and from the 1960s a high level of moving from the districts began.

In January, when the winter darkness covers the countryside and the wallets are empty, the locals of Tromsø drink an extra cup of coffee, rub the sleep out of their eyes and celebrate two of Northern Norway’s most attended festivals, the Tromsø International Film Festival in the third week of January and the Northern Lights Festival, which follows one week later. Culture is a great idea during the winter darkness. The sun is back over the mountain peaks in the south on January 21, and the locals enjoy Berlin buns, renamed as “sun buns” for the occasion.

Tromsø Museum
The University Museum's aim is to represent culture and nature in Northern Norway, and among its attractions are exhibits on the Sami culture, North Norwegian archaeology, church art and recent cultural history, as well as geology and zoology in Northern Norway. The Museum has won recognition for its presentation.

The largest Tromsø University Museum inside the Arctic Circle offers comprehensive displays on the Sami culture past and present. Unique interactive exhibition on the Northern Lights – make your own in our plasma chamber! Large exhibition on natural and man-made changes in Nature. Stone Age exhibition, Viking longhouse and medieval church art. Sami turf hut outside open during summer. Café and museum shop. Botanical garden with outstanding alpine plants from around the world!

Open: 1 June–31 Aug: Every day 9–18., 1 Sep–31 May: Mon–Fri 9–15.30, Sat 12–15, Sun 11–16.
Open for groups outside normal hours by appointment.
Price: 30,- (a), 15,- (c), 25,- (g)
Guide: N, GB, D (more languages available, contact us)
Signpost: N, GB
Situated: 3 kilometres from Tromsø centre
Tromsø University Museum
Lars Thørings veg 10, N-9037 Tromsø.
Tel: (+47) 77 64 50 00.
Fax: (+47) 77 64 55 20.

Perspektivet Museum
Located in the listed Mackgården from 1838 in the city’s main street. Temporary exhibitions. Communicates the diversity of lifestyles and philosophies of life in the north through current themes in the present and near past.

“The Russian Current”, an exhibition about Russian seamen in Tromsø today and the bonds to northwest Russia since the 18th century, known as the Pomor-trade. The museum is also the centre of Northern Norway in showing documentary photos. This summer the museum shows a photo exhibit by Jan Banning, “Bureaucratics”, where civil servants in their working environment are portrayed around the world. Café/shop. The museum also consists of two open-air museums beautifully situated by the sea. The open-air museum in Folkeparken is open every Sunday during summer season.

Open: All year. Tue – Sun 11.00 – 17.00
Price: Free entrance. Open for groups outside normal hours by appointment.
Guide: N, GB,
Signpost: N, GB, RU
Situated: Tromsø centre
Perspektivet Museum
Storgata 95, P.O.Box 162, N-9252 Tromsø.
Tel:(+47) 77 60 19 10

Arctic Cathedral
North Norwegian nature, culture and faith inspire this cathedral built in 1965, with its architecture resembling ice and snow. One of Europe's largest glass mosaics glows in the back wall.

Polar Museum
This exciting local museum is located in the old customs building from 1837. The museum displays exhibits on hunting, fishing and over-wintering in the Arctic. It also houses exciting presentations of expeditions in Polar Regions that started out from Tromsø.

Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum
The Art Museum of Northern Norway exhibits North Norwegian pictorial art and handicrafts from about 1850 up to the present. In addition to the permanent exhibition, there are changing exhibitions of first-class norwegian and foreign art. The museum focuses especially on art connected to North Norway.

Cable Car
The cable car to Mt. Storsteinen, 420 metres above sea level. A panoramic site with restaurant and outdoor café. The view from here is a recognised part of all presentations of Norway and simply must be experienced!

A polar adventure and exhibition centre in connection with the Norwegian Polar Institute. Here you can experience an Ivo Caprino film from Svalbard shown on large-screen, one of Europe's largest aquariums with polar sea creatures and live seals. Also there are interactive exhibitions with Arctic themes.

Tromsø Botanic Garden
The world's northernmost botanic garden! The garden covers an area of approx 4 acres, built as a natural landscape with terraces and slopes, with a small stream and a pond. The Arctic-Alpine Botanic garden has plants from Arctic and Antarctic regions, as well as mountain plants from all over the world

Tromsø Kunstforening
Founded in 1877, and in continuous operation since 1924. Located in the old museum building from 1894, surrounded by the city's most beautiful park grounds. Exhibits changing modern art exhibits with a gallery area of over 500m2.

Winter, Summer and Autumn Activities
It’s not as cold in winter in Tromsø and Lyngen as you think, so pull your woollen hat down over your ears and jump into winter and snow. The best things, such as snowballs, snowmen and snow angels, cost nothing at all. Do as the talkative locals of Tromsø and the humorous people of Lyngen do in the summer. We just love fishing, boating around the outer islands, hiking in the mountains and walking up and down Storgata, Tromsø’s main pedestrian street, to see and get seen. For many people, kayaking and glacier wandering are summer’s big challenges.

There are concerts and theatrical performances a plenty all autumn long, but December also offers evocative church concerts. You can meet “nisse” (gnomes) at the “Nisse Weekend” at Berg during the first weekend in December.

Tourist Information Office
Jan 1 – May 21: Mon – Fri 9am-4pm, Sat 10am-2pm, Sun closed
May 22 – Aug 31: Mon – Fri 8:30am-6pm, Sat/Sun 10am-5pm
Sep 1 – Dec 31: Mon – Fri 9am-4pm, Sat 10am-2pm, Sun closed
Destination Tromsø
Kirkegata 2, Tromsø
P.O. Box 311, 9253 Tromsø
Phone: 77 61 00 00
Fax: 77 61 00 10
Autumn in Tromsø and Lyngen

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