Trollheimen Area Mountains Guide

Trollheimen Area Mountains Guide


As "Jotunheimen", the word "Trollheimen" is inspired from the folkloric beliefs that mountains originally were trolls that were turned to rock at sunrise. If so, the original trolls must have been huge, for Trollheimen has many high-altitude mountains, scorned with deep valleys. Whereas "Trollheimen" is invented by visitors, many mountains in the area have names that resemble trolls. Trollheimen is the northernmost part of the central mountains in South-Norway. It's the end - or the start if you like - of Langfjella, a great kingdom of mountains stretching from the Setesdalsheiene to Trollheimen. This is where the trolls go to sleep.
Lake Gjevilvatnet between the mountains of Trollheimen
Lake Gjevilvatnet between the mountains of Trollheimen


Trollheimen is an alpine mountain-area with deep valleys, and summits reaching 1500-1800 meters. The wildest part of it is the southeast, where the valley Innerdalen cuts through high and wild peaks like Trolla (1850), Trollheimen's highest. Other famous mountains in the area around Innerdalen are Skarfjell and Innerdalstårnet. Further east, the mountains are more relaxed. This central area of Trollheimen, north of lake Gjevilvatnet is renowned for its special flowers. Blåhø (1671) is the highest summit in the area, and has a special, not well known feature. In the glacier, just below the summit there is a cave in the glacier that sometimes is open. Last year this happened was in 1996, when many got to see Speilsalen (The mirror room) as it is called.

The terrain in Trollheimen gives, like many other mountain areas in Norway, great opportunities for the hiker and skier. Because of the varied terrain, anyone will find a tour of their difficulty, from high-altitude summits, to forested valleys.

Legal status

The legal status of Trollheimen is somewhat undefined. There are still going on discussions whether it should be a national-park or not.

Trollheimen - Routes

Getting there

Public transport to Trollheimen is possible by getting to Oppdal with train, and using the bus down Sunndalen. You can get off at Lønset og Fale. A good option is taking a taxi from Oppdal to Festa, where you can hike to Gjevilvasshytta.

With a car you can drive up close to Gjevilvasshytta, Innerdalshytta, Kårvatn and Jøldalshytta. Some of these places will have a parking fee. Most roads are also open in winter, but you will have to park and walk further from the hut you're going to.
Routes in Trollheimen


Hiking and Skiing

Most areas in Trollheimen can be accessed as a hiker or skier. The lodges are mainly in the valleys, so hiking/skiing from one lodge to another mostly involve crossing a mountain-area. Longer trips can be accomplished by including one or several summits on the tour. Remember that some of the summits, especially those in the area around Innerdalen, may require knowledge of climbing techniques.

Trollheimen is situated near the coast, and therefore gets large amounts of snow in winter. The conditions for skiing can therefore be fantastic at times, but you'll have to think about the risk for avalanches. Skiing is usually possible until late May. The conditions for hiking is best from July to September, when the have little snow.


The lodge Innerdalshytta in Innerdalen is where The Norwegian Mountain Touring Asssosiation have all its climbing courses. The climbing possibilities are mostly on the mountains of Innerdalstårnet and Skarfjell. On both there are quite a number of long routes. Guidebook is available.

Trollheimen, Kristiansund & Nordmøre Tourist Office

The villages of Rindal, Surnadal, Sunndalsøra and Oppdal are excellent starting points for tours into Trollheimen. Some easily accessible areas on the fringes of Trollheimen are Innerdalen, Todalen, Vindødalen, Vålåskaret and Nerskogen.

The Kristiansund and Nordmøre Tourist Association as well as the Trondheim Tourist Association can give you all the information you need for touring opportunities in the Home of Trolls.
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Area at nordvest-Trollheimen.
Area at nordvest-Trollheimen.

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