Troll Train - Guided Tour of the Eidfjord area

Troll Train - Guided Tour of the Eidfjord area

Troll Train, which runs on wheels, running a 50-minute guided tour of the Eidfjord area. From the train you can experience Eidfjord its lush scenery and culture of taxes, blah. Hæreid, west country the largest burial site from the Iron Age and Viking. A photo stop with a fantastic view over fjords and mountains, Eidfjord Old Church; 700 years of pride. The train is registered for 50 people, guiding in several languages.

The trip starts outside the touristinformation office. First you drive up to the Hereid terrace where you can see Western Norways largest selection of graves from the iron- and viking age. On the way back to the center there will be a 10-minute photo stop at a very nice viewpoint of the fjord and the mountains. Afterwards the trip goes to the Lægreid terrace where you can view the Eidfjord Old church built in 1309 for 10-minutes. The train returns to the centre.

Gamleveien in Måbødalen -
A total of 5 km. Experience 400 years of building traditions, from the path to modern engineering.
Suggestion: Go up and down Måbødalen old road in Måbødalen. Approx. 3.5 hours. At the foot of Vøringfossen, and by the ascent of the Måbødalen valley, you will find the Hardangervidda Nature Center which is a must along with a journey on the Troll Train.

Troll Train travel in the scheduled day of cruise calls may otherwise be ordered for groups per. The Troll Train takes you for a 1 hour guided tour in Eidfjord on cruise call days.

Price: Adults Nok 90,- Children Nok 40,

Trolltoget AS, 5784 Upper Eidfjord
Phone: 53 67 34 00
Fax: 53 67 34 01

Tickets are sold at the Eidfjord touristinformation centre.

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