Trend Dalen (Hardware and Paint Stores)

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Trend Dalen
Storvegen 180 NO - 3880
+47 35 07 70 72
+47 35 07 70 73
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Trend Dalen (Hardware and Paint Stores)

Trend is a chain of stores and hardware and paint stores. Chain concept is owned by Optimera Wholesale.

Trend is a full-fledged brand concept for customers of Optimera Wholesale seeking a common profile, a solid marketing package, and our best terms. Trend is a brand concept that is tailored to local shops within building materials, paint and hardware.

Trend chain is owned 100% of Optimera Wholesale, which is part of Optimera AS. Thus, members have solid support from one of the largest players in the building materials industry. Optimera Wholesale is based in Kristiansand, and branch offices on the east and west of the country.

Trend chain approaching 40 members, and is actively working to get more. The goal is to become a significant player in the brand, building materials, lumber, paint and hardware in Norway. This is a goal that should achieve by emphasizing cooperation and interaction with members. Cooperation is the key to our brand concept!

Trend Chain Office consists of Annie Vik (chain coordinator), N. Beate Kristiansen (Marketing Coordinator) and Frank W. Beach (chain leader). Chain office is collocated with the Optimera Wholesale Rige in Kristiansand. Our main task is to ensure that our members receive the best advice and support in connection with sales, marketing and operations. Otherwise, all work in Optimera Wholesale determined that members of the Trend to succeed in their business.

What do you get?

  • As a customer of Optimera Wholesale and member of the Trend is your chain store:
  • Access to the best overall concept for building materials, lumber, piping, paint, interior and hardware.
  • Competitive remuneration package and bonus program
  • Market Pack of DM campaigns, local advertising, online activities and the like.
  • Access to a virtually unlimited number of attractive products from our suppliers.
  • Fast and secure distribution through its own routes and affiliated carriers.
  • Follow-up from its own Customer possessing solid product expertise, as well as their Account Manager.
  • Access to professional concepts for painters and carpenters
  • Trade Portal with updated price and assortment information
  • E-commerce
  • Efficient ordering systems

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