Travel Guide to Northern Norway

In North Norway you are part of a fascinating interaction with the wonders of Nature. Allow yourself to be seduced by the marvels of the Northern Lights as they flicker across the night sky, and the blue, enigmatic light of the arctic winter; or magical summer nights when the sun never sets, but paints people, sea and mountains in warm, golden tones.

You are on the top of Europe. As you stand there outermost, overlooking the ocean, be captivated by the endless island realm with its alpine peaks that plunge straight down into the crystal clear sea. There is nothing between you and the North Pole! Enjoy this fantastic feeling of freedom and let your feelings of elation run free.

In North Norway you will encounter strong traditional cultures, vibrant fishing villages, small communities and cities, all of which have been shaped in collaboration with the forces of nature. The indigenous Sámi people maintain thousand year old traditions on the endless, wide open mountain plains. Be inspired by this combination of magnificent countryside, unique culture and modern society. When you leave North Norway, you will do so convinced that you have experienced the most beautiful place on earth.

Natural Phenomena

In Northern Norway you will encounter mountains that plunge straight into the sea, and seas that break upon the shore. Endless mountain plains, roaring maelstroms and rumbling glaciers. Midnight sun and northern lights. Weather that makes you feel a need to go out, and weather that makes you feel a need to stay in. The peaks of the Lyngsalpene and the multitude of islands along the coast. Vega World Heritage Site, the mystery of Torghatten, and the outermost extremity of the North Cape. All of this in light conditions found nowhere else, and new colours for every season.

The Arctic

In Northern Norway you will encounter the arctic landscape, flora and fauna. Polar history reaching far back in time, polar research looking into the future, and polar bears that are never very far away. Polar nights and enigmatic northern lights. Summer nights in golden-red midnight sunlight. Mines, nesting colonies, fishing and hunting.

Coast & Coastal Culture

In Northern Norway you will encounter the Lofoten Islands, old trading posts, vacant fishermen’s cabins and vibrant fishing villages. Nordland - type boats and RIBs, kayaks and the Hurtigrute ships. Colourful people, with joie de vivre who enjoy telling a tale. Viking stories, tall tales and legends. Music and literature, applied arts and painting. And food culture from a coastal kitchen – shellfish, fish and whale.

Sámi Culture

In Northern Norway you will encounter the indigenous Sámi people, with their unique history, their own mythology and their own distinctive relationship with nature. A hundred thousand reindeer, on the coast in summer and on the mountain plain in winter. The colourful national dress, the festivals, the emotionally charged “joik" (Sámi chant) – addressing one person, an animal or Nature itself. The characteristic language and the duodji, Sámi handicrafts.

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