Traditional food

Traditional food

It is not only the rich artistic and cultural life of the Valley of Artists which has been conscientiously preserved for generations to come. The people of the valley are also keenly aware of their cooking traditions.

In this area, villagers have inquired into old cookery books and recipes from the turn of the century and up until today, finding many a titbit. Maybe you can be tempted by meat and soup with potato dumplings, cured meats, minced moosemeat steaklets, sour cream porridge, brown Betty with whipped cream, or waffles made of barley flour? "Rakfisk" (half-fermented trout), "kling" (a kind of griddle cake) and Sigdal's own syrup gingersnap are considered the jewel in the crown of Sigdal Cooking.

Home Made has become a phrase with a positive ring to it. Should the fancy come upon you to make some of these dishes in your own kitchen, there is a cookery book with recipes and cultural samples, and dishes that are easy to make even for the amateur.

More and more companies are now concentrating on their own production of good, home-made local food, and many of the tourist companies in the Valley of Artists have traditional fare on their menu, and it is served in a homely atmosphere.

Tempelseter Høyfjellshotell:
"The surrounding mountains provide us with the raw ingredients for making the most popular dishes."
Tempelseter, N-3359 Eggedal
Tel. + 47 32 71 46 71, fax + 47 32 71 48 15
Course and conference hotel with traditional cuisine. Bar with dance floor. Fully licensed. Beautiful scenery 925 m above sea level. Good fishing and hunting.
Ring us to make a booking. Advance orders.

Haglebu Fjellstue:

"More and more people appreciate genuinely home-made food."
Haglebu, N-3359 Eggedal
Tel.: + 47 32 71 33 50,
Fax: + 47 32 71 33 22
Good food and drink, the perfect place to unwind and enjoy yourself.
The surrounding area is perfect for walking, both summer and winter.

Eggedal Borgerstue (hotel):
"Adventure food made with raw ingredients from the area is our speciality."
N-3359 Eggedal,
Tel.: + 47 32 71 46 18,
Fax: + 47 32 71 46 18
Cell phone: 92 63 94 63/90 01 50 97
Borgerstue is a traditional hotel, dating back to its days as a coach inn.
Take it easy in our comfortable bedrooms or enjoy a delicious home-made meal in our delightful dining room.

Folk music centre in Buskerud AS:
"The Sigdal biscuit "snipp" and buttered griddle cake "kling" are natural accompaniments to a cup of coffee."
Sigdal and Eggedal Museum
N-3350 Prestfoss
Tel.: + 47 32 71 13 01, Fax: + 47 32 71 13 10
Home-made traditional cuisine and comfortable rooms in an historical setting. Book in advance. Agency/sale of folk music and instruments. Courses and concerts also available on booking.
Haglebu Fjellstue:

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