Vilgesvarre-Blåfjell (Guided Tour)

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Vilgesvarre-Blåfjell (Guided Tour)

Restored sami settlement in very beautiful surroundings, abandoned in 1958.

Accommodation in sami hut or tent. Sami food. Activities such as trout fishing, canoeing, bow and arrow, lassoing, nature trail, berry and mushroom picking, exploring a cave and old sacrificial site.

Culture information, winter activities, tailor-made events for conferences, outings, corporations and other groups. Welcome to a unique adventure with sami culture and traditions!

Sandmark Bygdeutvikling AS. offers wilderness adventures both in the summer and winter. Take an exiting trip to the old lappish site at Vilgesvarre/Blåfjell in the district of Skånland which is located in the Northern part of Norway.

Vilgesvarre is located in the senter of the district, next to Nedre Hulvann, which is an exceptionally good fishing lake.

Vilgesvarre is a natural resting or stop-over location in both seasons, when heading to the wild and untouched valley of Skittendalen.If you drive for 20 km north-east of Tjeldsund Brua along the road 825, you will come to Tovik.
Turn right along a small road for 7 km and you will arrive at Elvesletten. Leaving your car, you can take the easy walk (75 min) for 3 km along the path, to the old lappish community.

You can sleep in a Lavvu (a lappish tent), and be served traditional lappish food. If you wish to prepare your own food, the any assistance you require will be given.

You can go hiking and walking in the surrounding mountains, take a relaxing canoe trip, or catch trout on the lake.
For those more adventurous you can try your hand at throwing a lasso or the old Norwegian way of hunting, with arbow and arrows. A guided tour of the site is also available which is very instructional.

You can purchase lappish goods and handicrafts to take home, from the local shop, which will provide excellent reminders of your exiting and wonderful stop-over at Vilgesvarre

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