Tourist road to Folgefonna National Park

Tourist road to Folgefonna National Park

Glacier Bondhusbreen is an offshoot of the Folgefonna glacier in Norway. Folgefonna glacier is the third largest glacier in the mainland of Norway. 14 May 2005 Folgefonna National Park was established, protecting the glaciers and the surrounding areas. The glacier is home to a summer skiing resort, located on its northern region.

Hardangerjøkulen and Folgefonna (National Park) are two glaciers that you can experience on organised glacier hikes. A walk across the incredible blue ice with a qualified guide is a truly amazing experience. Skiing across Folgefonna is possible throughout the summer. Odda Area Hardangerfjord (Hardanger Fjord) Mountain Hiking, Strolling, Day or Several Days Excursion - Hiking tours with or without guide.

Through the second half of the 19th century, Odda became one of the most widely renowned tourist destinations in Norway. The wild nature attracted the tourists, and many had a wish to see Folgefonna Glacier up close. In the summer of 1896 Bergen Mountain Touring Association and The Norwegian Mountain Touring Association initiated the construction of a riding path up Tokheimslia. Since the opening of the riding path 6 July 1902 the path has been called Turistvegen - The Tourist Path. The tourists were guided across the Folgefonna Glacier from Tokheim and Sunndal.

Folgefonna National Park is the first national park that goes from fjord to glacier, and is the 5 largest National Park south of Dovre. South Folgefonna is the third biggest glacier in the contry and is one of few wild landscape left in Hordaland. The 4 areas in the National Park Ænesdalen, Bondhusdalen, Hattebergsdalen and Buer have a special beautiful nature. The glacial rivers Eitrheim and Tokheim close to Odda, and Fonnavatna that runs out in Guddalsvassdraget, is now protected.

Glacier climbing in the Folgefonna national park has become a concept - maybe because you can seize the moment both in summer and winter. Folgefonna Summer Ski Resort is only a 90-minute drive from Odda. Here you can go skiing and it will be so warm that you can take your shirt off while a soft warm summer wind gently caresses your skin.

Folgefonna Glacier is the 3rd largest glacier in Norway, covering 220 km². The glacier reaches 1662 metres above sea level.

We hope you will enjoy your trip to Folgefonna Glacier. Wear suitable shoes and warm clothing! Follow the marked out routes! Odda Tourist Office in the town centre can put you in touch with a certified glacial guide.

Folgefonna National Park Center also has been opened in Rosendal to provide information about the national park and tips about how you can go about exploring Folgefonna National Park. In the exhibition you will see the film, multimedia shows, text, maps and images of Norway's 25 National Park. The presentation also provides insight into geology and flora and fauna at the glacier, the southernmost glacier in the country. We hope you will let you inspire the trips and outdoor activities in the unique landscape from fjord to glacier!

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Tourist road to Folgefonna National Park - Map:
Tourist road to Folgefonna National Park - Map

Tourist road to Folgefonna National Park
5750 Odda
Phone: 53 65 40 05
Fax: 53 65 40 01

Folgefonna National Park Centre
5470 Rosendal
Phone53 48 42 80
Folgefonna glacier is the third largest glacier in the mainland of Norway.

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