Tobogganing at Lillehammer

Tobogganing at Lillehammer

Tobogganing at Lillehammer is a popular activity this year in the Freestyle arena. The toboggans can be directly linked to the ski lift, so you just sit on the toboggan while a tow bar pulls you to the top of the hill. There are several slopes to choose from on your way down, and there are brakes on the toboggans to help you regulate your speed. This activity is for the child in you, and you are guaranteed more than a few laughs on the way down.

Try one of the city’s most popular winter activities – Tobogganing. The sleds connect directly on to the lift, so you can sit on the sled while you are transported to the top of the hill. Welcome to snow, fun and excitement! The toboggan are suitable for all age groups, but you need to be 10 years to ride alone. Groups can rent the facility and have their own competitions in "rump-racing", tobogganing, parallel slalom, rope climbing, etc. A special course with racing gates can also be set up for competitions.

Toboganning at Hafjell Ski Centre
Two to three kilometers down a specially cleared forest road at Skåden Farm (no vehicle traffic). Register by 12.00hrs on Wednesday, or by appointment. (Weather conditions permitting). For booking and more details: Phone. +47 61 27 70 00/61 27 81 60.

Opening hours:

  • Ca 18.12.09 - 05.04.10: Sat - Sun 11.00-16.00.
  • 24.12.09 - 31.12.09: Daily11.00-16.00
  • From 07. 01.10 Thu 17.00-20.00
  • 22. 02.10 - 07. 03.10 Daily 11.00-16.00
  • 01. 04.10 - 05. 04.10 Daily 11.00-16.00.
  • Group reservations by appointment.
  • Depending on the weather.

Kr 150,- per person, heiskort, per hour incl. Toboggan, lift pass, helmet and goggles
Min. age 10
Family (2 a+2 c) Nok 450,- per time/per hour

Kanthaugen Freestyle Area Tobogganing, Lillehammer
Olympiaparken Lillehammer
Kanthaugen freestyleanlegg
Lysgårdsvegen 55
2609 Lillehammer
Phone 61 05 42 00

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