Telemark Museum

Telemark Museum

Brekkeparken, Skien
The large park was established 1810-15 in the "english style". Here you will find a large number of authentic farm buildings from all over Telemark County. The museum also has a restaurant, a gazebo, a pavilion, a playground and more. One of the main attractions is the manor house of Brekke. In spring the park is a beautiful sight with thousands of tulips.

Henrik Ibsen Museum, Venstøp
Henrik Ibsen's childhood home is a must for all those interested in dramatist Henrik Ibsen. The authentic, listed buildings in the pretty little farmyard also feature a multimedia exhibition on Ibsen's life and works.

The Telemark Museum is located in the older part of Skien, Norway, called Kleiva. The museum itself is situated at Søndre Brekke farm. The farm is part of a large park called Brekkeparken. The main attraction aside from seasonal exhibits in the main halls of the farm house, is the outdoor museum.

The old "Vindlaus" farm has been turned into a fascinating and diverse open-air museum. Telemark Museum, Brekkeparken, shows the changes through time in our County. Experiences of extravagance and modern theme exhibitions lie side by side in this museum. Shows you centuries long traditions in folk arts and crafts, with richly decorated works in silver, wood and textile.

14 farm buildings have been moved to this park and complete this open air museum. Brekkeparken and the romantic garden, which blooms throughout the season, offer you experiences and recreation. In the Telemark exhibition we show the finest folk art and handcrafts from our district. The indoor museum has a special permanent collection of folk art from all over Telemark. Recently, the museum hosted an exhibit on Vidkun Quisling's life, generating a lot of publicity. The Quisling exhibit will also be shown in 2008.

Guided tour by appointment, guided tour during opening hours. The museum café and restaurant has a magnificent view from Skien’s “roof.”
You can see the centre of the town and the two waterways that made Skien a city.

Bamble Museum, Berg-Kragerø Museum, Brevik Bymuseum, Bø Museum, Drangedal Bygdetun, Evju Bygdetun, Porsgrunnsmuseene, Ulefos hovedgaard.

Øvregate 41, 3715 Skien
Phone: 35 54 45 00
Telefax: 35 54 45 01
Telemark Museum - authentic farm buildings from all over Telemark County, outdoor museum

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