Telemark Båt og Fiske (Telemark and Fishing Boat)

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Telemark Båt og Fiske
Lauvikvegen 195 NO - 3880
0047 412 73 006, 991 633 219

Telemark Båt og Fiske (Telemark and Fishing Boat)

An exclusive dealers for BassProShops in the U.S.A. In fishing, gear from Pflueger, Shakespeare, Walker, Scotty, White River, Okuma, Ron Thompson, Rapala, Strike King, Quantum, Browning, and not least BassPro's own products to keep a very high quality.

In hunting, have the pleasure to introduce products from the redhead who has over 150 years of experience in hunting equipment and hunting clothes.


  • Provide the most in hunting, fishing and outdoor equipment.
  • Guide the fishermen around Tokkeåi, famous for its lake trout strain.
  • The largest was taken in 2010 was 5.2 kg, while the largest caught on rod is 11.6 kg.
  • The picture below shows the preliminary Bandak biggest trout of 15.5 kg and 100cm long, taken by a local fisherman here in the valley in Telemark, in 2003.

For guiding and prices, please contact by mail or telephone.

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