A taste of Finnmark (Hotel)

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A taste of Finnmark
Fogdebakken 6 NO-9511
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A taste of Finnmark

A unique experience, in Bossekop – Alta’s old town. Start with a dip in our outdoors hot tub, where the water is + 40 degrees. Dry off and sit down to an Arctic culinary delight in Restaurant Haldde. Menu includes: King crab, Arctic fish or reindeer and Arctic berries. Menu in 7 international languages. Welcome to Quality Hotel Vica.

Coastal and fjord areas in West Finnmark: Southern fresh air 10 Partly cloudy dry weather. Tuesday night increasing to southerly gales in exposed areas 15, from the morning gale 20, 22 minute storm out Porsangerfjord. Mostly dry weather. Some snow. Nordland, Troms and coastal and fjord districts of Finnmark Nordland and Troms: Wednesday is expected locally difficult driving conditions because of strong winds and the transition to mildvær. Finnmark: Wednesday is expected locally difficult driving conditions because of strong winds and snøfokk. Onsdag strong winds in the North Norway, referring to the meteorologist complete weather forecast.

Open: 4 Jan – 12 Dec. Closed at Easter.

Location: Bossekop

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