Sylan, Sylane or Sylene Area Mountains Guide

Sylene Area Mountains Guide


"Sylene" (the Awls) is a good and descriptive name of this mountain area. On the border between Norway and Sweden, a row of sharp peaks rise from the flat terrain. The Awls. Where else have a name been that descriptive?

Sylene is a mountain massif located on the Swedish border between North-Trøndelag and Sør-Trøndelag county and has given names to an extensive area stretching from Selbu in the west and far over Sweden in the east. In the north, limiting the area of European route E14 over Storlien, and in the south of Haltdalen and Røros plateau. Nearest urban settlement on the Norwegian side's Hill in Tydal. TT, NTT and the Swedish Tourist Association has a well-developed system of trails and huts in the area. The most widely used gateways are from Græsli, Ås, Stugudalen in Tydal and Meråker on the Norwegian side and Handöl, Vålådalen, Ljung Valley and Funäsdalen on the Swedish side.

Sylmassivet is the most famous mountain massif in the area with peaks over 1700 meters above sea level, but not the highest. The highest mountain is Helagsfjället at 1797 m. on the Swedish side. Other high mountain massive is Skard Door mountains on the border south of Sylene (North Skarfjellet highest peak 1529 m), Härjångsfjällen just east of Sylene (1627 m.), Bunnerfjällen (1545 m) northeast of Sylene, Snasahögarna just north of Sylene (1463 m.) and Fongenmassivet northwest of Sylene with Fongen (1441 m.) the highest peak. Further north towards Meråker we find among Skarvan (1171 m.o.h.). Below is Sylene Nesjø. This is dammed up due to power plant development and consists of two parts - the other called Essand Sea, which is actually the original lake. Nesjø is actually a former myrterreng which is flooded with water (good fishing in Nesjø!). The terrain is usually very easy since the substrate is hard to go on (in case of the vegetation), but some areas consists of marsh and wetland areas that sets high standards for waterproof footwear in the summer.

Arrival of the Norwegian side

Arrival by car via the highway. 705 Hell-Tydal (take off from the E6 north just before Stjørdal) and from E14 over Storlien. Summer Open toll road from Hill in Tydal (into Ramsjøhytta and Large Erik Vollen) as well as from Stugudalen in Tydal (to Grønnedal cabin). County Roads from Meråker to Mannsæterbakk and Stordal. From Stordal on to Bjørn Eggen tourist cabin. Arrival by train via Meråkerbanen. Bus Coverage Trondheim - Tydal - Stugudalen and E14 to Storlien offered by NSB traffic. Note: Low frequency of bus departures - particularly at weekends! DNT has marked tourist paths that start at the following locations along national roads.

Geo Name Difference:

Sylan, Sylane or Sylene (Norwegian), Sylarna (Swedish), Bealjehkh (Southern Sami) is a mountain range on the border between Norway and Sweden, in the counties Sør-Trøndelag and Jämtland.

Sylarna in Jämtland, middle Sweden

A railroad crosses the Scandinavian mountains going from Östersund in Sweden to Trondheim in Norway. Getting off in the middle gives access to the mountain area around and the peaks Sylarna. Here you can enjoy a nice spring ski trip in the middle of April.


Most of the area at the Norway/Sweden border in South-Norway is very flat. Huge forests cover most of the area, but in Trøndelag the terrain rises, and becomes a mountain plateau without trees. Straight east from Trondheim this plateau has become a vast and wide plateau with great lakes on each side of the border. And there row of giant peaks rise from the plateau. Few in numbers, but great in altitude and beauty, the peaks of Sylene are visible from far away, and almost always from the plateau around them. On both the eastern and western side, long forested valleys stretch up to the plateau, situated on the border between the two countries.


Sylene is close to the deep forests of Sweden, meaning that you can find animals like the European brown bear here. In theory, you can also meet one of the few remaining in divides of the wolf. As in other Norwegian mountain-areas you will find animals like rabbit, fox, lynx, wolverine, reindeer, moose as well as rodents and birds.

Legal status

The great lake Nesjøen was regulated in the 1960s, but there are still a number of swap-areas around the lake that is a nature-reserve because of the great number of birds.

Sylene - Routes

Sylene Mountain Routes

Getting there

Public transport to Sylene is limited to train to Meråker and bus to Selbu, both from Trondheim. With a car you can drive to Vektarstua in Tydal, or to Rotvoll on the north side of Sylene. From Trondheim, you might also travel by train to Åre and Oppdal, large winter sports resorts. Within equally short range lie the areas for mountain hiking: Trollheimen, Dovre and Sylene.


Hiking and Skiing

Hiking can be done all over Sylene. Most of the trips go in flat and easy terrain. The tour to the central mountains is the exception. The mountains are steep and may require nerve or rope at some points. In the winter, only experienced climbers should go this route.

Meråker's network of ski trails links up with marked routes to many places, including Sylene, one of Norway's most magnificent mountainous regions. From the Bjørneggen tourist cabin in Stordalen it is possible to link up with Trondheim ski trail network, with its popular overnight stops such as Storerikvollen, Schultzhytta, and others. Marked ski trails also run to cabins by Essandsjøen, a well-stocked lake and popular fishing destination, and to Sulåmo and Verdalen.

The border is open - you are free to cross where and when you want. It's a part of the Sylene - experience to see the differences on the lodges and on the trails in Sweden and Norway. The lodges on the Norwegian side are mostly owned by Trondhjems Turistforening, the Swedish lodges are owned by Svenska Turistforeningen. Membership in a Norwegian Mountain Touring Association give privileges on Swedish lodges and vice versa.
Sylene Area Mountains

Tourist Information Centers Around Sylan, Sylane or Sylene Area:

Tourist information Center at the coast of Trøndelag / Hitra / Fillan/

Ride alongside the Sylene mountain ridge with its breathtaking views of a landscape that has changed little over centuries. The steep ascent makes for a welcome break for lunch for people and horses. Saddle up for a lively afternoon ride over excellent riding terrain to the grand cottage at Storerikvollen, situated on the shores of the Essand Lake. The main tourist information for the islands of Hitra and Frøya, is found in the Coastal Museum at Fillan on Hitra.

The Tourist Information Office on Hitra

Destinasjon Trøndelagskysten AS
Address: 7240 Hitra, Sør Trøndelag, Norge
Telephone: 483 080 50
Mobile: 483 080 50
Trøndelag Official website:
The Trondheim Tourist Association / Trøndelag travel service:


Tourist Information Office in the Coastal Museum of Fillan on Hitra

Address: Kystmusset i Sør Trøndelag, 7240 Fillan
Phone: +47 7244 4010

Trondheim Tourist Office

Trondheim kommune
Address: Munkegata 19
Postal code: 7011 Trondheim
Tel: 73 80 76 60
Fax: 73 80 76 70

Trondheim Ski Club (Trondhjems Skiklub)

Postboks 1185, Nyborg - 7420 Trondheim
Skistua Street
Phone: 72 56 03 31 Fax: 72 56 97 53

The Tourist Information Office on Frøya

Address: Servicebrygga, 7260 Sistranda
Phone: +47 7246 4040

Meråker Tourist Information Center

Meråker Utvikling AS
Postal code: 7530 Meråker
Tel: 74 81 27 00
Fax: 74 81 00 86

Røros Tourist Office

Peder Hiortsgate 2
Postal code: 7374 Røros
Tel: +47 72 41 11 65

Stugudalen Tourist Office in Tydal

Servicekontoret, Tydal kommune
Tel: +47 73 81 55 12

Stjørdal Tourist Office

Address: Kjøpmannsgata 10
Postal code: 7501 Stjørdal
Tel: 74 83 45 80
Fax: 74 83 45 81

Selbu Tourist Office

P.B. 54, 7580 Selbu
phone: (+47) 73 81 04 55 / fax: (+47) 73 81 78 71

Sylan massif at Central Norway Tourism Promotional Website:
Sylan, Sylane or Sylene Area Activities

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