Røros Rehabilitating center

Røros Rehabilitating center (Røros Rehabiliteringssenter)
Øverhagan 15 NO-7374
+47 72 40 95 00
+47 72 40 95 01
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Røros Rehabilitating center

Røros Rehabilitation Center is a leading center in various types of rehabilitation in Central Norway. The center is located at Røros, with both nature and within easy access. We have a good and large multi-disciplinary environment with 74 employees and the center has modern facilities and equipment. We also have an office in Trondheim, with two employees.

Røros Rehabilitation Centre was completed in autumn 2002 and was officially opened in the 18th of February 2003. The building with its over 8300 square meters sliding into their environment in a great manner. The building is a magnificent work that is exciting both outside and inside.

We Facilitate:

  • Røros Rehabilitation Centre aims to facilitate a permanent lifestyle change in you as a participant. The provision of a rehabilitation stay is based on the dissemination of knowledge and experience in a safe environment.
  • You should be able to make you experience that increases knowledge about your illness and life situation. We want the knowledge you bring home will give you increased capabilities and improved quality of life.
  • We can not change your life for you, but we can give you our best advice.
  • You must take responsibility and actively participate, because it means a lot that you are confident and comfortable about lifestyle changes.
  • We also offer work-oriented rehabilitation.

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