Orkdal Museum

Orkdal Museum
Oppstuggu Berbu NO-7330
72 48 42 84

Orkdal Museum

The museum is located on the farm Oppstuggu Berbu, was crown land in 1626. According to the old leather letter of the farm was in operation as early as the mid 1300's. The farm was in the family Berbus ownership from 1862 to 1984. On the threshing barn, which is the oldest building on the farm (about 1750), is approx. 60 horse figures carved with a knife in some of the logs.

Orkdal Museum is a collection of old buildings (13 in total) and objects (over 4100) to document and communicate what life was like on a farm and a smallholding in Orkdal in the 1800s.

Later it came to several buildings, houses of Svorkåsgården from ca. In 1730, cottage Pålstad, consisting of dwelling house, storehouse and barn.

Sivertsen farm (from ca. 1870) was originally the dye, but is now used to the administration building for the museum. Sivertsen farm is furnished with kitchen and meeting facilities so it can be used for smaller companies. Otherwise, the barn is used for weddings, concerts and other cultural events.

The museum is organized as a foundation, which the municipality has a representative on the board.

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