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BIRK husky AS is owned and operated by Trine Danielsen Beddari. The company was originally called taiga culture.

BIRK conveys nature, silence, knowledge and experiences in stunning surroundings. A nature and a silence that is perceived as unique for many of our guests. When you visit us, you will experience something real by taking part in the life we live, be it hundesledturer, hiking, fishing and good local food. We give of ourselves, open our home for a cup of coffee and tell a story.

BIRK is a small family business where the children also participate in the activities we offer to our guests. Life with BIRK provides exciting family experiences through the visits we have in and around our home. In addition to the family we have 3 employee’s handlers / guides, all live in relation to the kennel on Melkefoss.

"GREEN CARE - in the yard" is a nationwide program for agriculture / municipal / tourism industry expands horizons and gives deals of varying degrees to many different groups. BIRK since the summer of 2009 two praksiskplasser through this project, we offer job training as a part of the return to employment for those who may have a need for a smooth transition.

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