The super-videograph & exhibition

The super-videograph & exhibition

Hold tight!

The super-videograph is a modern panoramic cinema, built in cooperation with Ivo Caprino who also made the film which is shown here The auditorium can seat 168 and from here you can take off on a journey past fjords, mountains and waterfalls. We promise you a wonderful experience of high mountains and deep fjords with hair raising drops over steep gorges and gentle sequences over mountain lakes and glaciers.

Experience nature and culture in an entirely new way

A completely new exhibition will be opening at the Hardangervidda Nature Centre at Eidfjord in spring 1999. The exhibition was designed to create a high-quality product and nature in a modern way. By looking, touching, listening and learning, you too become an active and creative part of the exhibition.

A journey through time

25 million years ago, the glaciers began their icy descent over the country. You can recreate this through an interactive program which shows you how glaciers are form, grow and recede over time. Traveling in a time machine, you can speak with Ottar the hunter who lived in the Middle Ages. Ottar is familiar with most cultures and eras and he can explain what life was like in his time.

Images (click on the image for larger view):

The super-videograph - cinema hall - Hardangervidda Nature Center and museum, Eidfjord
interactive collections - Hardangervidda Nature Center and museum, Eidfjord
zoology section - Hardangervidda Nature Center and museum, Eidfjord
interaction in nature and human activities

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