Jotunheimen has Norways largest concentration of peaks over 2000 metres (6400 ft). We'll climb Galdhøpiggen from Juvasshytte above Styggebreen. Galdhøpiggen is the highest mountain in Norway at 2469 metres (7900 ft). On a clear day you can see over 1/4 of Norways land mass.

Practical Information

  • When: Daily.
  • Booking: Booking must be done before 8:00 p.m. the day prior to arrangement.
  • Meeting place: NATURE EXPERIENCE in Lom. Located at the sports shop "Fjell og Fritid".
  • Meeting time: 9:00 a.m.
  • Duration: 6 - 8 hours, including transportation.
  • Meals/board: Guests at hotels, etc, have to make their own lunch packet and fill up their thermos/flask during breakfast.
  • Personal equipment: Warm wind/water proof outer clothing, mountain boots (rentals available), mittens, knit cap, sunglasses, sun screen and a back pack (25 - 40 Litres).
  • Special equipment: NATURE EXPERIENCE provides the equipment necessary for the crossing of Styggebreen (glacier).
  • Capacity: 30 persons. Maximum 12 partisipants per mountain guide.
  • Minimum age:12 years, younger with parents/guardian.
  • Transportation: The NATURE EXPERIENCE minibus and or private automobile.
  • Distances: Lom - Juvasshytta 30 km (miles)
  • Maps: Series M711 1:50 000, 1518 II Galdhøpiggen. 1:100 000 Tourist map of Jotunheimen.
  • Program: Group transportation from Lom to Juvasshytta, then by foot to Galdhøpiggen about 5 hours going up and back. We'll cross styggebreen which is a small snow covered glacier. Lunch during the tour.

Contact and Address:
Glacier hike Smørstabreen - Naturopplevingar
P.O. BOX 111, N-2686 LOM
TEL. +47 61 21 11 55
FAX. + 47 61 21 19 85
MOB. + 47 94 36 96 64
MOB. + 47 94 37 84 09

Summit hike in Jotunheimen

A blue ice walk with ascent of the mountain Kalven in Jotunheimen. We do a tour through crevasses and blue ice in the glacier fall of Bøverbreen on our way to the airy peak. Approximately 650 height metres from our start from Sognefjellshytta (at 1415 metres) makes this a quite accessible adventure with great variation: blue ice, white glacier and an exposed ridge to the top.
15/06/2010 - 15/09/2010
Monday - Sunday

Address and Contact:
Blue ice walk with summit hike
Tel: 92 05 40 57

Summit hike in Jotunheimen - Fondsbu - Eidsbugarden

17/07/2010 - 14/08/2010
Monday, Saturday

Address and Contact:
Hiking in Jotunheimen - summit trip to Falketind
6871 Jostedal
Phone: 57683250
Fax: 99104426

Guided ski tours in spring - Jotunheimen Bre og Fjellføring (ski track from Galdhøpiggen, Storebjørn, Fannaråki or some other peak)

Some of my most wonderful days in the mountains have been on skis downhill from some summit with sunshine, blue sky and fabulous snow! Join us and make your own ski track from Galdhøpiggen, Storebjørn, Fannaråki or some other peak.
Please contact , and we help to organize and arrange the tour you want. We have small groups, lots of time; our main task is to make yoy enjoy your tour! Varying prices, depending on which tour.
Address and Contact:
NO-2686 Lom
Phone: 41 92 27 63

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