Stølsheimen landscape preservation area

Stølsheimen landscape preservation area

The Stølsheimen landscape preservation area is a mountain area with many summer pasture farms in hilly terrain bordering on a spectacular fjord landscape. Within the protected area you will also find the roadless and exotic Finnafjord in the municipality of Vik.

Directorate for Nature Management (DN) expanded Stølsheimen landscape conservation area with Finden and Finnafjorden in Vik. Extension is about 4 km. Finnafjorden is a central element of Stølsheimen conservation area and is the only place where the landscape conservation zone going down in the sea level. The new area for Stølsheimen conservation area is of 377 km2. Magnificent fjord landscape is included in Stølsheimen conservation area.

Vern motion allows a total Finnafjorden comes with the Stølsheimen conservation area. Finnafjorden is the the only branch of the Sognefjord
that are completely without roads. It is currently active farming on Finden with 100 dairy goats. Cultural Land Council and community building on the farm is a very important part of the experience in Finnafjorden, and cultural landscape of Finden is valuable. Finnafjorden constitute a holistic coastal landscape with both the untouched nature and a valuable cultural landscape.

You need a boat to come to and from Finden. A great value for outdoor activities, especially hiking and boating. The area is also home to m.a. golden eagle, sea eagle and white-backed Woodpecker, which are species on the Norwegian red list of endangered and vulnerable species. Stølsheimen conservation area was established in 1990. The area has great variation in natural qualities, which transition from the fjord to the mountains, many lakes, streams and high waterfalls and several mountain pasture to together provides a rich scenery.

Stølsheimen at the Directorate for Nature Management
NO-6893 Vik i Sogn
Contact Person: Advisor Geir Paulsen,
tel. 62 53 11 51 / 22 24 48 37

More info about Stølsheimen Area: Visit Stølsheimen Area Mountains Guide

Stølsheimen landscape preservation area (Stølsheimen Landskapsvernområde) -managed by Directorate for Nature Management (DN

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