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Arctic Whale Tours
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Arctic Whale Tours

We are located in the small and picturesque fishing village of Stø, on the northern tip of Langøya, in Vesterålen. From here we arrange unique wildlife safaris to nearby seabird and seal colonies and further offshore to the great whales!

The special marine nature of Stø
Stø is a known whale safari site and the first whale safaris were arranged already in 1994. There has been whale safari activity in the village ever since and in 2004 Arctic Whale Tours was established. The village is situated close the edge of the continental shelf and a special underwater canyon called Bleik Canyon. In Bleik Canyon, deep cold water currents are pushed upwards, bringing nutrient rich waters to the ocean surface, which results in large plankton blooms in spring. This high productivity supports a great variety of marine animal species such as birds, seals and whales. The most common whale species in this area is the sperm whale. Sperm whale males aggregate here to feed on deep water squids and fish, which gives us an excellent starting point to experience some of the world’s largest animals.

Whale safari
We begin each whale safari by visiting the seabird cliffs and harbour seal colony at Anda Lighthouse. Some of the bird species you can expect to see are: white-tailed eagle, cormorants, kittiwakes, white-breasted guillemots and hundreds of puffins. When continuing offshore towards the sperm whales, we are sometimes lucky to encounter different whale species inhabiting these waters, for example pilot whales, minke whales, orcas, humpback whales, and Atlantic white-sided dolphins. Each safari is different, which makes the experience even more exciting! On the safari, you will be accompanied by one of our qualified nature guides, who have firsthand knowledge about the marine wildlife of this area. Our guides speak several languages and are recruited mainly from Scandinavia, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain.

Whale guarantee
Because Bleik Canyon is such an important feeding area for the sperm whales, we have a high chance of finding them on each safari. However, if we, contrary to expectation, do not see whales, passengers who are interested can join a safari the next day, free of charge, or then get part of their ticket refunded.

Fjord Tour
Our fjord tour will take you to the beautiful archipelago of Øksnes Vestbygd. The area from Stø to Øksnes Vestbygd has an old history and has been an important fishing area for decades. We will visit interesting sites, such as Skogsøy and Tinden, which all have a special history. You will be accompanied by one of our guides that will provide you with information about the history of the archipelago and the different sites. Our final destination is Skipnes, which is a former trading post, and you will be guided by the owners who will share their knowledge about the place. You will also have the chance to walk around by yourself in Skipnes to take pictures and enjoy the tranquility of the place. During the trip there is a great chance to experience the wonderful animal life of the archipelago and fjords. It is common that we see white-tailed eagles and different seabirds, and if we are very lucky we might encounter seals and harbour porpoises. On the way home we will serve a small meal onboard the boat. The fjord trip will also be offered as an alternative trip in case we have to cancel the whale safari due to too strong winds.

Our motto
Arctic Whale Tours’ main goal is to provide our visitors with a unique opportunity to observe marine animals in their natural surroundings and to spread knowledge about their behaviour and biology. We also support research projects and cooperate with different environmental organizations, such as IFAW (International Federation of Animal Welfare), WWF and ORCA-organization, by providing them with observation and photo-ID data that we collect on our safaris.

Come and join Arctic Whale Tours for a unique and unforgettable wildlife experience!

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