The four waterfalls of Grong

The four waterfalls of Grong

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The four waterfalls of Grong

The four waterfalls of Grong!
Three of the four waterfalls (Formofoss, Tømmeråsfoss og Fiskumfoss) are known as Grong municipality's "Site of the Millennium".

  • Formofossen - Nice viewing point
  • Tømmeråsfossen - Nice hiking tracks
  • Fiskumfossen - viewing point by the salmon aquarium

The Fiskumfoss waterfall is located by the E6 north of Grong city, and has a 34,5 meter cascade and one of Europes longest salmon ladders.

The Tømmeråsfoss waterfall is situated in the river Sanddøla, a neighbouring river to the mor famous river Namsen. At the end of the waterfall it's nice to tae a bath!

The Formofoss waterfall is also situated in the river Sanddøla. The waterfall is 30.5 meters.

The fourth waterfall in Grong is called Bergfossen and situated in the Sanddøladalen valley. If you're driving towards Grong from east you'll drive through the valley.


  • River bathing and
  • River fishing

Nature and terrain

  • Hiking area,
  • Steep,
  • River,
  • Rural,
  • Nature,
  • Water,
  • Geological finds,
  • View and
  • Several small areas

Type of animal

  • Fish and
  • Trout

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