Steigen Tur (Meeting with the Sea and Tranquility)

Steigen Tur
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Steigen Tur

Steigen Tur offers guided kayak trips and also rental of sea kayaks.

Your meeting with the sea and tranquility.The air is clearer than you could ever have imagined. The sea so calm it feels like you could walk on it. The entire fjord is enveloped in a golden mist and the sun is shining even though it is the middle of the night. You hear the beating of wings from innumerable puffins and the quiet dripping from your paddles as you glide slowly forward. The silence is overwhelming, and you are part of it. You are right in the middle. You may not have been at the eye of a storm, but you are now at the eye of the calm. The first time you hear that splash, you think someone has fallen out of their kayak. Then you hear a flapping sound, like a gust of wind waving a flag. But it doesn’t disturb you. It is just a sea eagle hunting for fish.

The Realm of Hamsun has a 9000-year history with the people in a lush landscape. Relics, rock carvings, Vikings and World War II fill the area with exciting stories.

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