Norwegian Fishing Village Museum

Norwegian Fishing Village Museum
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Norwegian Fishing Village Museum

A comprehensive fishing village museum displaying 150 year old coastal building environments: Life and work in the fishing village and fishermen’s huts.

The Lofoten fisheries, boats and tackle. Dried fish and clipfish (split, salted and dried cod). Sea monsters, myths, beliefs and superstitions. Cod-liver oil factory (1850), with sale of cod-liver oil. Sale of cinnamon rolls and other pastries from our own bakery (1844). Smithy producing ornamental cod-liver oil lamps and knives for women.

Information video and guided tours. Family activities. Lofoten Malstrømsenter (Maelstrom Centre) and cave paintings.

Main Theme: Life in the fishing village and the Lofoten Fishery over the past 200 years Comprehensive and exciting coastal museum. Educational exhibitions, guided tours, demonstrations, activities and information on video.

Exhibitions include:

  • "The World's Greatest Cod Fishery" The Lofoten Fishery and the tackle and boats used. Exhibition in the Main Boathouse
  • "The long history of cod-liver oil" Norway's oldest cod-liver oil factory, sale of cod- liver oil
  • "Valuable goods for 1000 years" Old stockfish production plant, cod heads and roes
  • "Social classes" The homes of the fisherman's family and the squire
  • "A hard and perilous life" The "rorbu" cabin and the life of the visiting fisherman
  • "Every blade of grass was of value" The barn and stables: coastal farming north of the Arctic Circle.
  • The Blacksmith's - production of cod-liver oil lamps and knives
  • Active 150-year old bakery. Sale of fresh baking and local home crafts
  • Fishing boat trips and sea fishing. Prepare your meal in the authentic Lofoten way
  • Trips across the Maelstrom to a coastal cave with 3,000 year old cave paintings

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