Something a Little Different at Brekkestranda

Something a Little Different at Brekkestranda

Sognefjorden is Norway's longest fjord. At Brekke towards the west it is at its widest. This is also where one of Norway's architecturally most exciting hotels lies on a 5 minute detour from the main road along the coast, highway R39. Only one and a half hours drive, with no ferries, from Bergen.

By the mouth of the Sognefjord is one of the most exciting hotel complexes in Norway. The Brekkestranda Fjord Hotel complex consists of small houses with peat roofs all facing in various directions. They give the impression that they have risen from the ground beneath them, and their rooms are cosy nests. Skiing not far from the hotel.

Kaupanger Stave Church (1150) is situated on the north side of the Sognefjord, near the ferry berth to the Nerøyfjord. The church, first mentioned in written sources in 1183, has been in continuous use as a parish church. Easy to access from Bergen and Førde

Distances from:

  • Bergen - 95 km
  • Stavanger - 265 km
  • Ålesund - 296 km
  • Geiranger - 274 km
  • Stryn - 200 km
  • Førde - 78 km
  • Sogndal - 161 km

Brekkestranda Fjord Hotel (Brekkestranda Fjordhotell)
5950 Brekke
Tel.: +47 57 78 55 00 F
ax: +47 57 78 56 00

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