Slemmestad Geology Centre and Cement museum

Slemmestad Geology Centre and Cement museum

Here there are photographs and objects which show the history of cement in Slemmestad. Fossiles, rocks and minerals reveal the area's world-renowned geology. The former "Sack Factory" in Slemmestad houses the Geology Centre, the Cement Museum and the Public Library. The museum provides an overview of 100 years of development and change within the cement production industry. The factory dominated the lives of the inhabitants of Slemmestad. Photographs, exhibits, ledgers and an archive illustrate this vanished way of life.

Slemmestad Geology Centre and Cement museum is maintained by Røyken council; situated in south east Norway between the Drammen and Oslo fjords. Røykens unique position gives easy access to Sweden and the continent via the Oslo fjord tunnel. The Geology Centre is intended to provide information to everyone who is interested in geology - school classes, the local population, tourists and the many amateur and professional geologists that visit Røyken each year.

Slemmestad was an agricultural area in 1888 when a German-Swedish company became interested in the limestone deposits to be found in the region. The company bought farmland in order to start cement production. Excavator/loader machine is situated outside the Cement Museum. The excavator is made of wood and was powered by electricity. It was manufactured by Menck & Hambrock in 1926. The crane was purchased in 1927, and was in use in the limestone quarry at Langøya until 1955.

Slemmestad Geology Centre was built up with the assistance from the Paleontological Museum in Oslo, and is intended to serve everyone interested in geology. Fossils, specimens of rock and minerals from the surrounding area, are arranged in display cases. A model illustrates the bedrock in Slemmestad and the neighborhood. Three geological walks are established in the area. Brochures that give you more information about the walks may be purchases in the library. Learn more story about Slemmestad Library - Cement Museum - Geology Centre

OPENING HOURS: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 11-19. Thursday 11-17. Friday, Saturday 11-15

Slemmestad Library - Cement Museum - Geology Centre
Vaterlandsvn. 13, 3470 Slemmestad
Tel. +47 31 28 14 84
Fax: 31 28 11 30
Email: or
Slemmestad Geology Centre and Cement museum

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