Skjeggedal Valley, Tyssedal, Odda

Skjeggedal Valley, Tyssedal, Odda

Come join us from fjord to mountain and waterfalls, along marked paths to mountain lakes rich in fish. In Tyssedal you'll find buildings with exciting architecture and outdoor swimming pool. Impressing is the power plant Tysso (1906-18) with power station, penstock, distribution reservoir and keeper's house. In Skjeggedal valley, Ringedalsdammen is located (1910-18), constructed in stone copying the old middle age castles - with parapet at the top. Tyssedal and Skjeggedal is a journey through "the new Norway"; from the mill house (1830) through Norwegian history of hydropower to the monument Elektra unveiled in 2000. Take the funicular railway "Mågelibanen" 960 metres up the 42 degrees steep mountain side. Experience wild and beautiful nature with a view to Folgefonna, Hardanger fjord, Hardangervidda and Skjeggedal. It is a pendulum car (1 up and 1 down) taking 9 persons. Open June- August. Open for groups throughout the year. A Scenic attractions.

Skjeggedal Valley, Tyssedal, Odda - Map:
Skjeggedal Valley, Tyssedal, Odda - Map

Skjeggedal Valley
5770 Tyssedal
Phone: 53 65 40 05
Fax: 53 65 40 01

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