Herkules (Shopping Center)

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Ulefossvn. 32 NO-3730
+47 35 19 00 84
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Herkules (Shopping Center)

Hercules is located about 1 km south of Skien is the largest trading area in Skien. A new and modern center opened in 2007, with 30,000 sq m commercial space, 1350 parking spaces, turnover of over 1 billion and a retail mix that is complete with new and exciting concepts to the public. Hercules was named this year's shopping center in 2008.

Area: 42,000 sqm
Turnover: 1150 million in 2010
Number of stores: 110
Number of parking spaces: 1350 free parking spaces

For loans of wheelchairs, contact scales, tel 91 18 75 71

Kid Cars
Kid Cars are rented for $ 20, - per commenced hour at Narvesen

Lost property:
Re-Forgotten things in stores are delivered by Securitas, tel 91 18 75 71

Hercules logo:
Our logo is inspired by the asterisk and dots in the Hercules is taken out of the asterisk.

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