The skerries at Kragerø

The skerries at Kragerø

The Skerries at Kragerø consist of approximately 500 islands, holms and islets. This is an invitation to no end of possibilities for anchoring, excursions and activities. On the islands of Skåtøy and Jomfruland, for example, there is a music festival in July, and travelling from island to island with bicycle is becoming increasingly popular.

On tour with the ferries

Kragerø Fjordbåtselskap has departures from the Danskekaia pier out to the islands of the skerries. The ferries are in regular service with fixed daily departures, so that if you wish you can, amongst other things, take a trip to the popular bathing island, Jomfruland. Tel.: 35 98 58 58

Stay and play golf in the middle of the skerries

The apartments at Gumøy Holiday Centre are situated 50 metres from the sea, with a short distance both to the ferry landing and bathing beach. Here it is ideal both for private people, families, companies and other organisations and there are possibilities for boat hire, golf, fishing trips, duck shooting, roedeer hunting, nature trails and other activities. The largest apartments are nearly 100 m2 and have three bedrooms with 7-8 beds, bath and living-room with kitchen corner. The smallest apartments have two bedrooms with 4-5 beds. Tel.: 92 01 30 51 / 35 99 39 56.

Taxiboat service &endash; Ring Runar Larsen: Tel.: 94 15 07 40


You would normally expect to find Norwegian trolls up in the mountains. But the south coast of Norway has its own little family of trolls. The troll shop "Trollbutikken" is on the road into Kragerø, only 10 minutes from highway E18. Here you will find handmade trolls of all shapes and sizes, and a great range of souvenirs and handicrafts. And customers even get a free cup of coffee with every purchase. Large carpark.

The Norwegian storytelling tradition is teeming with goblins, trolls, pixies, elves and subterranean creatures. Our rich heritage of fairy-tales means that we Norwegians have fantastic folk stories in our blood.

Trolls and other subterranean creatures have also proved a popular motif for Norwegian artists, particularly Theodor Kittilsen from Kragerø in Telemark, who brought these creatures to life for us. Our figures are not drawn from any particular stories. They are created from pure imagination and often inspired by phenomena from our own time. More info:

Fosse-Troll A/S
FosseTroll AS was established i 1990 in Vadfoss, 10 km from Kragerø. In 1997 we moved to Eklund, by the main road to Kragerø. Today the Fossetroll are produced at Norske Troll as in Tynset.
Brødrene Flaarønning as
N-7234 Ler
Phone: (+47) 72 85 70 00
Fax: (+47) 72 85 70 01
Fossetroll: Norwegian trolls up in the mountains

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