Randi Salong (Hairdressers)

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Randi Salong
Sentrumsbygget NO-4735
+47 37 93 01 28
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Randi Salong (Hairdressers)

Randi Lounge is a happy bunch of hairdressers who are based in Evje, and master business, have been there for our customers for over 50 years.

Currently four employees: Emma Gunn, Anne Berit, Rose Marie and Randi. Wella as the main supplier, but leads div. products from Loreal, Hair Collection and Cutrin. Regret Hairdryers curly, smooth, Tangier, curling brushes, hårruller, combs and brushes for sale.

Are strategically located at ground level and variety of products and aids for your hair. If the disease and the like, Can come to your home and perform treatments.

Perform different types of services and can accommodate both large and small want for your hair.

Goal is to satisfy customers.

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