Siljustøl Museum

Siljustøl Museum - home of the composer Harald Sæverud

Siljustøl is one of Norway's most special artist homes. The residence is situated in picturesque surroundings and was the composer Harald Sæverud's great source of inspiration. His studio, grand piano and personal effects lie just as he left them at his death in 1992. The museum offers visitors a window onto a family home, the music of Harald Sæverud, and wonderful walking areas in the parklands around the house. His studio, grand piano and personal effects lie just as he left them at his death in 1992.

Today the composer’s home comprises a museum, a private area and large beautiful parklands with paths open to the public. Siljustøl Museum warmly welcomes you to a composer’s home with music and nature as its focal points. The museum and conservation activity is administered by the Edvard Gried Museum Troldhaugen.

The architect Ludolf Eide Parr penned ideas to paper and followed Sæverud’s suggestions throughout the building process, from 1937 to 1939. Siljustøl’s architecture harmonizes well with the surrounding nature. For Sæverud, a støl was the centre of the world, half nature, half culture. Historic stabbur (store houses on pillars) and våningshus (farmhouses) from Telemark and Setesdal inspired him.

The museum holds concerts and is surrounded by a large park which inspired Sæverud musically. More Details about

the composer Harald Sæverud and Museum

Every Sunday 12.00 PM to 04.PM, from June 28 to September 21.

Entrance fee:
Adults: NOK 60
Students: NOK 30
Children under 16: Free

Visiting address
Siljustøl Museum
Siljustølveien 50
5239 Rådal, Norway

Troldhaugsveien 65
5232 Bergen, Norway
Phone +(47) 55 13 60 00 and +(47) 55 92 29 92
Fax: +(47) 55 92 29 93
Siljustøl Museum - large beautiful parklands by The architect Ludolf Eide Parr penned ideas

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