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Sights & what to do in Sortland, Northern Norway Tourism and Vacation

Sortland is a downright ugly modern sprawl. (...) The only reason to visit it is to change your bus...
(The book "Norway -the Rough Guide" describes Sortland).

If you plan to visit Sortland during the summer of 2000, be sure to bring with you a brush and a bucket of paint. Three blocks are ready to be painted blue, helping Sortland to be known as "The Blue City". And the project starts in May/June, 2000.

If you have half a minute to kill, and you happen to be in the neighborhood, be sure to visit the sculpture "Havsøye" situated next to Torget. If you want to look at a nice parking space through a hole, this is your chance.

No other place in the world can compare to Sortland when it comes to showing the movie "The Sound of Music" the most. As a result, one of the main attractions in Sortland is the Diploma from 20th Century Fox rewarded to Sortland Kino. You should study this Diploma at the cinema.

Take out some money using the minibank at SparebankEN NordNorge. In 1993, this was the most used mini bank in Norway with use every second minute throughout the day (and night) rumors say.

At Frydenlundparken (The Park of Frydenlund), you'll find the closest thing the city has to an amusement park... two wooden bricks that almost look like distinct animals placed on metallic springs.

At Midnight, you ought to visit Torget ( The Market -which is a very popular parking space and nothing more but that! ). I promise you'll find some local strangers from the district playing loud music from their cars. It's a well-known fact that most of these strangers come from the little outpost called Myre. They are so-called Myreværinga. If you spot a car with loud music and wunderbaum, I can assure you -You are on the right track!

Walk up to the mountain Steiroheia. The trip takes about two hours each direction, and should provide you with a beautiful view. The trip is even better at nights between May and July with the Midnight Sun shining from above.

From Sortlandsbrua, the 13th largest bridge in Norway, you can throw out your line and fish cod. You may find it more comfortable to fish from the harbour. If you get some fish, you ought to know that most Sortlendinga are pretty spot when it comes to fish. Please notice that no matter the size, fish you get from the bridge or the harbor is called kattfesk (fish for the cats). The best way to avoid any uncomfortable situation is to keep your fishing rather silent... or give the fish to the cats...

Take the Coastal Express (leaving at 13.15 every day) and go to Svolvær. Be sure to catch the northbound Coastal Express heading for Sortland during the evening!

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Strand Hotell
Postboks 446
8401 Sortland
Tlf: 76 11 00 80

Sortland Nordic Hotel
Vesterålsgt. 59
8400 Sortland
Tlf: 76 10 84 00
Fax: 76 10 84 01
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