Shall we meet at Aker Brygge...?

Shall we meet at Aker Brygge...?

Possibly one of the most asked questions among the capital city's inhabitants. And no tourist with any self-respect returns home without being able to say that they have been to Aker Brygge and shopped, eaten, sunned themselves, gone to the cinema, gone to the theatre, cut their hair, seen art, gone for a walk or taken a boat from there.

By Siri Anniken Tveita

Variety characterizes this area of Oslo of which everyone has an opinion, and which is constantly used by more and more people, in one way or another. Time goes quickly. It is in fact not longer ago than 1982 that the area housed what was once Norway's largest shipyard. The same year the adventure was over, a new one replaced it. Today Aker Brygge is one of the country's many tourist attractions, probably for exactly the same reason which brought the shipyard here; the sea!

City and water, hand in hand!
There is something about the combination of a city and water which has a magic appeal to people. We love to amble at a quiet pace along a quayside promenade on a sunny summer's day. A meal of prawns accompanied by cries of the gulls and we are totally sold! We can experience things like this because Oslo acquired a beautiful shoreline when Aker Brygge became a fact, and both the city's inhabitants and guests are happy about this. Since 1986, as much as 15 acres in the heart of Oslo has been available for everyone, and with a wide range of offers. In 1986 the Terminal Building (Terminalbygget) and Workshop Halls (Verkstedhallene) were opened, while the remaining buildings were completed in 1989 and 1990. Since its tender start, Aker Brygge has become something special in itself and, not least, something for everyone.

The famous atmosphere
Numbers are a natural part of a neighbourhood which many also describe as a financial centre in Oslo. In addition people live here! In a total of 300 apartments. But did you know that 13 million people visit Aker Brygge every year? This says something about how infatuated we have become in this conglomeration. The figures otherwise tell us that there are 50 shops, 40 restaurants, 1600 parking lots and 7000 jobs at Aker Brygge. You also find a wide range of offers for health and well-being in the form of a medical centre, hairdresser, chiropodist and training centre. But most of all it is about atmosphere, and that can neither be counted nor sold like an ordinary hotdog. You help create this when you walk around this area which generously offers both art, culture and an historical bustle. Something which strikes one when the old boys who once worked at Akers Mekaniske Verksted talk about today's Aker Brygge, is how marvellous they think it is that the place is in fact alive. One would perhaps have thought that they felt a painful distance to everything which has taken over from the industry they themselves were once a part of. However this journalist has not heard anything but satisfied exclamations, and a clear belief that this is all about taking care of, historically speaking, an extremely important part of the city of Oslo.

Art - inside and outside
Black Box Theatre. The Imax Theatre cinema. Both are indoor scenes, which offer art and culture quite different from the rest of Oslo. But what probably does not strike people immediately is that there are a number of works of art to see outdoors at Aker Brygge. Here both Per Ung and Nina Sundbye are represented with sculptures, in addition to a number of other contemporary artists who have quite a show window between these proud buildings. There can scarcely be a better gallery?

Around the world at Aker Brygge
This is not an invitation to sail around the world from the edge of the wharf, but on the contrary a way of travelling which is a little more available for most of us. It is all about food. Indian. American. Asian. Italian. Chinese. Creole. Spanish. Mexican. Turkish. Or traditional Norwegian fare. 7500 restaurant seats are at our disposal. In the middle of the city and nevertheless so removed from the classic city noise, that you can safely enjoy yourself with food and drink outdoors. The theatre of the street is in itself exciting enough, but you can also be a constant spectator of fashion shows, car exhibitions, festivals, concerts and many kinds of performances. A sort of expanded notion of coffee with licqueur!

Good prospects
Aker Brygge is an area which is in constant growth and development, with many future and exciting projects going on at the same time. But here and now you can experience history at Akershus Fort, which lies like a panorama directly across, while in clear weather you can enjoy the sight of Nesoddlandet and the coastal boats Dronningen and Bamse Brakar when they come in to dock. Just to look out over the fjord inlet on a quiet morning can be as much of an experience as on the lively summer evenings when anything and everything can happen.
Dagens humannskost på Albertine Cafe, Aker Brygge

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