Tuvsjyen AS (Outdoor Activity)

Tuvsjyen AS
Tuv (Riksvei 812) NO-8056
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Tuvsjyen AS (Family Activity Center)

Tuvsjyen is a family activity center in Saltstraumen with exciting specials and much soul. Experience the natural phenomenon Saltstraumen combined with exclusive Stone food and cultural experience in the turf hut. The experience lets you get close to attraction of the world and bring the local Neolithic culture 9800 years with authentic cuisine at urmetoden in the cooking pit.

Tuvsjyen offers adventure programs for groups and individuals / families that include lodging , fishing , contests, rafting , scuba diving . Tuvsjyen also like to coordinate the complete conference program also includes other actors.

Food and cultural experience based on Saltstraumens 9800 years old hunting culture After everyone is welcomed guests discover that they "are" several thousand years ago. A "breath" from the Stone Age history of the place where leather-clad people at the fire pit and cooking are working with the historical meal when guests enter the hut.

Be their guest at the rural Tuvsjyen attraction at the world Saltstraumen. Tuvsjyen's service-minded host offers creative atmosphere and a great adventure offers.


  • Apartments for rent, boats, fishing tackle, jetty
  • Unique local fare
  • Experience life in the Stone Age in a turf hut, and prepare your catch in a cooking pit
  • Children-friendly outings and activities. Bathing tub.
  • Fishing and diving from the shore
  • Daily guided fishing and sightseeing tours

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