Per Sverre Dahl Keramikk (Per Sverre Dahl Ceramics)

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Per Sverre Dahl Keramikk
Mørkstugata 5 NO-7374
+ 47 72 41 19 89
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Per Sverre Dahl Keramikk (Per Sverre Dahl Ceramics)

Ceramicist with workshop and gallery in a backyard in the town centre.

Per Sverre was born in Røros in 1949, and since the summer of 1988 driven pottery workshop with yard sales in Dahl Farm at Røros.

Most of his production is inspired by Røros environment and Johan Falkberget writing. Per Sverre's works are mainly figures, jewelry and wall reliefs.

Per Sverre find inspiration in their local environment and the many imaginative shapes he produces have originated in Røros history and literature.

He also places great emphasis on the touching, the colors and the charm of the old mining town has to offer going forward through his modeling.

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