Stensaas Reinsdyrslakteri AS (reindeer slaughterhouse and processe in Røros area)

Stensaas Reinsdyrslakteri AS
Stensåsen, NO-7374
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reindeer slaughterhouse and processe in Røros area

Stensaas Reinsdyrslakteri AS in Røros the largest and most modern reindeer slaughterhouse and processes, sales of many types reindeer meat, fish and game. 20 min (28 km) by car from Røros town center, towards Brekken. Reindeer meat is specialty. The specialties are our deer, elk and deer.

You can buy:

  • Reindeer
  • Elgkjøtt
  • Deer meat
  • Reindeer notch, reindeer meatballs, meat sausages and meat roll
  • Rakfisk and mountain fish
  • Cloudberries
  • And much more ...

About Stensaas Reinsdyrslakteri AS (Company Profile and Services)
Stensaas Reinsdyrslakteri AS started the business of buying, slaughtering and selling reindeer in 1895 on the plains of Røros. Arnstein Stensaasen is third generation and runs the company today, which has expanded and now slaughters and processes reindeer as its overall business, in addition to running a small-scale production of moose, game and rakfisk.

Stensaas Reinsdyrslakteri is the only significant reindeer slaughterer in Southern Norway and has an annual turnover of 35 million NOK. In the 19th century, the majority of farmers in the Røros area bought, slaughtered and sold reindeer as a sideline, however public restrictions on hygiene led to centralized abattoirs and refining businesses. Stensaasen was one of a few who invested in an abattoir in 1981 and started today’s business of slaughtering and refining. Today, Stensaas Reinsdyrslakteri slaughters 8, 000 reindeers a year, and receives delivery from 5, 000 ready-slaughtered reindeer from all around Norway. The company cuts approximately 15, 000 reindeer annually in addition to 23-30 tons of moose, grouse, hare and rakfisk.

The business consists of a slaughterhouse, a cutting area, a refining section, a small outlet and premises for rakfisk production. Innovasjon Norge has provided financial subsidies on numerous occasions for Stensaas Reinsdyrslakteri towards various expansions and construction projects.

An application has recently been submitted where the company applies for financial support towards development of the company’s new profile, improvement of innovative activity, product development and searching for new niches in the market. A new logo and motive and a new advertising brochure are in progress, in addition to the updating of the webpage. The municipality of Røros has shown reluctance towards the business since its expansion in 1980 and has been unsupportive of the company’s projects. Their relationship has shown fruitless and Stensaas Reinsdyrslakteri has not been involved in any of the municipality’s projects.

Stensaas Reinsdyrslakteri attempts to reach different market segments according to their different products. Products such as finnbiff and hakkebiff are sold to supermarket chains, and filets and steaks are sold to more exclusive large-scale household like gourmet restaurants, hotels, specialty stores and large upscale supermarkets. Specialty products, gift wrapped products and other niche oriented products are part of the company’s product strategy to increase price and compensate for the loss in raw material of reindeer.

Today Stensaas Reinsdyrslakteri has a wide product range consisting of all sorts of reindeer products, in addition to a variety of products made of moose, rakfisk, trout, arctic char and cloudberries. The product trend in the reindeer industry is traditional, and innovative activity is limited. However Stensaas Reinsdyrslakteri has in the last few years started focusing on the demands of the young consumers.

The company is considering ready-made meals for busy families and young professionals. Reinsdyrskank used to be a trend thirty years ago in Norway, and remained popular only in the north, it is now growing in demand in restaurants in Oslo. Stensaas Reinsdyrslakteri launched this specialty anew at Frognerseteren together with wholesaler Költzow and will attempt to deliver to Trondheim as well. Sovas is another traditional product, which is gaining new popularity. Stensaas Reinsdyrslakteri is the largest actor in Rørosmat and joined the network together with Rørosmeieriet and Røroskjøtt. The company makes limited use of the organization’s marketing apparatus, and their membership is mostly based on solidarity with the other producers. Kåre Wessel, who is working for Stensaas is a board member in Rørosmat. He was additionally responsible for the implementation of the HACCP-system in the company. Stensaas Reinsdyrslakteri uses Flatbrød from Rørosbaker’n and Røros Smør on trade fairs. A person from Fjellvilt works with drying and smoking the meat in the company through the Sami Verdiskapningsprogram. The company also offers rental production to several actors in the area on a temporary basis.

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