Skanckebua Bar & Restaurant

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Skanckebua Bar & Restaurant
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Skanckebua Bar & Restaurant

We safeguard the legacy of one of Bergstadens great sons, and offer good food, good service and an authentic experience in one of historic houses - in the middle of Kjerkgata.

It was the merchant Lars Skancke who ran businesses in the yard, and he marked himself as one of the leading bought the farm in 1877, but had already a business there since 1874.

We offer customized menus that are perfect for their needs. If you want refreshments or for exciting multi-course gourmet experiences as we make it.

Skanckebua offers concerts and other events throughout the year. Troubadours, blues bands and other musicians guests with us periodically and facilities ideal for a pleasant musical experience. We also welcome guests for private parties or other events.

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