Rørosmeieriet AS (Røros dairy)

Rørosmeieriet AS
Sollihagan 2 NO-7374
+47 72 41 35 00
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Rørosmeieriet AS (Røros dairy)

Røros Dairy as was founded January 2001 to continue operating the plant to previous TINE Mid-Norway in Røros. The company is owned by Økomat Røros BA, TINE BA, employees and others.

The company went through a two-year development phase, with funding through the Innovation Norway and and Value Creation Program for food.

We have established ourselves with sales across the country.

Røros Dairy as has eight permanent staff who takes care of administration and production. Our products we sell through TINE.

What we do:
Rørosmeieriets main task is to produce milk-based product that originates in traditional dishes from Røros funnels. All our products are made from organic milk. In addition, we perform lease production for other companies.

Our vision is Røros Dairy to be Norway's leading supplier of organic dairy products in profitable interaction with the environment.

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