Røroshytta (Røros cabin)

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Røroshytta (Røros cabin)

In addition to the brand Røros cabin, we are an industrial group which has development and production of timber building as our core business. We have in recent years pure core business and developed the timber box to have specifications, no one thought was possible. We are the industry's technological spearhead. Together with what is probably the most effective and best quality assured log line, make up this powerhouse of Norwegian log industry. It is no coincidence that we also manufacture timber boxes of other brands.

Røros cabin AS manufactures and supplies between 50 and 70 buildings per year. Overall, this generates a value of more than 150 million, locally where it is built. All production takes place in our own factory in Røros, right at the entrance to the "mining town". We are with this one leading manufacturer and developer of holiday homes and houses in the timber. We use something that most advanced production equipment for the left that exist in the world and definitely the most modern in Norway.

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