Kjøkkenloftet på Galåvolden Gård (Kitchen loft in Galåvolden Farm)

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Kjøkkenloftet på Galåvolden Gård
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Kjøkkenloftet på Galåvolden Gård (Kitchen loft in Galåvolden Farm)

Guided tours of the farm. For group bookings, lunch may be prebooked, as well as coffee, ice-cream and cakes.

Galåvolden Farm is located 720 meters above sea level, 8 km southwest of Røros. The farm was begun cleared in 1721 by a worker at Røros Copper Works. Gården drives i dag av 9. The farm is now run by 9 og 10. and 10 generation. generation. Egg production started in 1976 with 900 hens, and is later extended several times to today's 9,200 chickens. Most hens are in a new house with free-range floor operations, and a new department with aviarinnredning. Here chickens space and optimal conditions for well-being and natural behavior. Quality eggs are sorted and packed the moment they are laying, and delivered directly to stores and large households in the district. It provides fresher and better eggs.

Farm Kitchen with processing of farm commodities began in 2003. It is authorized as a dairy, and approved meat processing, bakery and confectionery.

Milk production is added to Galåen similar coordination DA. built a large new barn on Galåvolden that are common to all use milk in Galåen. Lars Jacob is responsible for Galåvolden Farm's interest in similar coordination.

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