Hiort-Engan cafè og Galleri

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Hiort-Engan cafè og galleri
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Hiort-Engan cafè og galleri

One of the most colorful historical figures of Røros was Peder Hiort (1715-1789), director of the Copperworks, church builder, theologian and historian. At his country retreat at Engan by the Glåma river he planted a baroque garden, the remains of which can still be enjoyed by visitors. It has tree-lined roads and paths, arbors, fountains and sculptures, all in carefully arranged symmetry. The restored Hiort-church from 1765 is also worth a visit.

Gallery, cafe and function rooms, workshop.

Galleriet drives i sommer av Linda Wintervold - Engan - 7374 Røros The gallery is operated in the summer of Linda Wintervold - Engan - 7374 Røros.

About Torgeir:

Torgeir Leander Henriksen potter, inventor and visionary. Having driven the oldest gallery in Røros decades he has built up a creative and artistic center of the copper works Director Peder Hiort old haunts in Engan. He is as much an inventor and visionary as the potter, which characterizes him as a craftsman.

He was born in 1954 in Narvik, and came to Røros as an art student in the early 1970's. 1979 he established his workshop in Thomasgaarden, which has been the base for his work until 2004, when he established Hiort-Engan studio gallery.

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