The Forollhogna mountains

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The Forollhogna mountains

The scenery of Forollhogna consists of large alpine areas, with gentle slopes rising from the valleys below - an area often referred to as "the gentle mountains". Here are thriving villages and a lush cultural landscape formed by the region's farming traditions. For centuries the mountain farms have been in use during the summer, and many still are. This is the setting of Forollhogna National Park, Norway's 19th park to be so designated. It is here that the country's most prolific population of wild reindeer wander freely, and in the distance you may well see majestic bucks with magnificent antlers, standing proudly while guarding their herd.

Forollhogna National Park is the kingdom of the great reindeer bucks! Forollhogna is often associated with impressive antlers and large reindeer. The reindeer bucks here are larger than no other place in Norway. That says something about how rich and viable this mountain region is for all other life. In the open and virtually unspoilt landscape, on the border between Hedmark and Sør-Trøndelag counties, you'll find a rich variety of plants and animals. In the neighbouring valleys traditional mountain farming is thriving.

Mountain villages and living summer farms in Forollhogna
In the spring time farmers move their families and animals up to the mountain farms for ecologic production of milk and meat. They are surrounded by a breathtaking landscape. When visiting them, you may enjoy the healthy silence or take part in the work. These farms are many centuries old and are still in use, giving you fine opportunities to see traditional farming up close. At some of them, tasty traditional fare will heighten your enjoyment; wild trout, sour cream porridge, curd and "mølske", or perhaps an exciting meal prepared from the season's choice ingredients.

Activities all seasons
At some of the mountain farms you may stay overnight and possible combine this with others activities like hiking, wildlife spotting, biking, photo safaris, horse riding, fishing or just pure relaxation! In wintertime activities like skiing in the outback, husky safaris, reindeer and horse sleigh rides, snowshoeing and history-telling will give you the perfect adventure holiday. When visiting Forollhogna we also recommend visiting the world heritage mining town Røros.

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