Doktortjønna Recreation Park and Stenhuset at Femundsmarka National Park

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Doktortjønna Recreation Park and Femundsmark National Park
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Doktortjønna Recreation Park and Stenhuset at Femundsmarka National Park

Several landmarks in Røros-Bergstaden preserve the doctor's memory, including his old home (Stengelgården), which still stands on the street called Bergmannsgata (a.k.a., Hyttegaden). There is also a street called Stengelveta at the south end of the old town center. In addition, a nearby outdoor recreational park is named in his honor. It is called Doktortjønna or Doktortjernet (the Doctor's Lake), and features a pond and nearby land that was once owned by Dr. Stengel. Another landmark in the Røros area is Dokterløkkja (the Doctor's paddock), also known as Doktorlykkja or Doktorvolden, located northeast of Røros town center, and on the western shore of the lake called Hittersjøen.

This Doktortjønna Recreation Park (Doktortjønna Friluftspark) with activities for the whole family. Canoeing, boating, the ’Elias’ boat, fishing, nature trails, domestic animals, playground, ice fishing, ski trails, ski slopes and toboggan runs. Café serving dinner and lunch. National Park centre with information about Femundsmarka National Park and other protected areas in the Røros region. Ice fishing, ski trails, ski slopes and toboggan runs. Café serving dinner and lunch. National Park centre with exhibition.

There is a nature trail from Doktortjønna into the Kvitsanden protected landscape area, Røros’ own ‘desert’ from the Ice Age. Featuring guided trips, conference, course, freshwater fishing, boat available, freshwater fishing, canoeing, paddling, fishing, ice fishing, recreational facility, prepared trails in vicinity, activities for children, nature trail, seminar, boat trips, open-air event, swing, outdoors, green events and children/young people only.

Doktortjønna" is worth a visit especially if you are travelling with children. During the summer "Doktortjønna" is full of exciting activities. "Stenhuset" (the stone house) is the location of Femundsmarka National Park Centre. At "stenhuset" you can experience an exhibition on the Femundsmarka National Park and other nature preservation areas in the Røros region. In addition to this you can visit our café, shop and library also situated at "stenhuset".

The Centre at Røros is in the “Stenhus” in the Doktortjønna Outdoor Recreation Area, which is at walking distance from the centre of Røros. In the building, you can see an exhibition about the national park and find information on the fauna and flora and possible walks in the park. Doktortjønna is a small lake where you can row, canoe and fish without charge. This branch of the Centre is run by Naturitas AS.

Doktortjønna park and the Femundsmarka visitors`centre are very close to Røros, and are areals you should visit if you are traveling with children. Nature trail, fishing, canoes, boats, farm animals, playing area, and hill climbing. You can see the farm animals really close up. In Stenhuset by Doktortjønna there is an exhibition on the Femundsmarka National Park, a library, cafe ans shop, as well as meeting and function rooms. In Stenhuset they also arrange concerts. You can have a nice meal and perhaps enjoy their dancing nights.

Services and facilities

  • All the year
  • exhibits about the Femundsmark National Park
  • children’s playroom
  • library of natural history and nature conservation literature
  • evening gatherings on natural history and nature conservation
  • guiding in the Røros World Heritage Site
  • Summer
  • boats and fishing tackle can be hired
  • calves, lambs and poultry
  • equipment to climb and balance on
  • timber chute
  • nature trails
  • café and shop
  • Winter
  • ski trails and sledging slopes
  • hire of snowshoes and sledges

Visit Femundsmarka nasjonalparksenter Elgå for more information:

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