Doktortjønna Friluftspark (Recreational Park)

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Doktortjønna Friluftspark
Johan Falkbergets vei 16 7374 Røros.
72 41 08 80
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Doktortjønna Friluftspark (Recreational Park)

It is a quiet time on Dr. Tjønn. Frost puts its mark, with patches of snow on the eggs at the corners of the pond. 2 log ends housed with us, and rowan trees wasting waxwings, field fare and starling. It's probably just before they head south.

We are done with no clear out the summer season. Everything is ready for winter with fresh snow and ski into the White Anda.

Host autumn is a time of few events in the national park, but we come back with the announcement of talks and meetings in the transition in October / November.

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