Rondane - Norway's oldest national park

Rondane  - Norway's oldest national park

Rondane offers an extremely varied landscape with high mountains, wide expanses, deep valleys and waterfalls and here you find a span of exciting experiences and activities all year round.

Life on a mountain farm, for both young and old

There are a number of idyllic spots on the outskirts of Rondane National Park. Among these is Brekke mountain farm, the highest farm in Høvringen. The hamlet here is made up of pleasant little rooms and family cabins - some of which are in unique old log cabins. The cabins have rustic décor and a very high standard. The hotel restaurant seats 90.

Jørundgard medieval hamlet was reconstructed for the filming of Kransen, the cinematic adaptation of Sigrid Undset's trilogy, Kristin Lavransdatter. Up here you can really sit back and enjoy life. The farm has horses and foals and highland cattle, and even the children can take a trip on horseback into the mountains. From the hamlet, it's only a day's walk to well-known mountain huts such as Rondevassbu and Dørålseter. It is the perfect base for a whole number of daytrips. And in Høvringsåa and the other lakes, there are plenty of mountain trout to be caught. Come to Brekke for a real break from it all.

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Rondane Area Mountains Guide

Life on a mountain farm, for both young and old in Rondane

Jørundgard Middelaldersenter - Kristin's world at Sel

This beautiful farm is situated in Nord-Sel, 15 km north of Otta. It consists of 16 buildings and a consecrated stave church, and was built for the filming of Sigrid Undset's novel about Kristin Lavransdatter, Kransen, in 1994. Here you can join in guided tours and taste the food of the Middle Ages. There are many activities for children and adults such as walking on stilts, throwing the wedge, playing chess, jumping in the hay and horseriding, and you can meet many different kinds of domestic animals. The centre also hosts a variety of social events.
Jorundgard Stallen
The Kristin Days - Kristindagene - are arranged every year on the first weekend in July. The main attraction is a theatre production of Kristin Lavransdatter with professional and amateur actors. In addition, concerts exhibitions, lectures, fairs, hikes and other exciting activities are arranged. Tel.: 61 23 37 00 / 61 23 66 50 and e-mail:

White waters

Europe's best rafting river, the Sjoa, rushes through the centre of Heidal with its white waters. Normally, the rafting season starts mid May and lasts until the end of September. Novices can start off with a short trip on the waters, whereas the more experienced can choose much longer trips, some over several days. Sjoa Rafting can also offer trips through the gorge and a number of other exciting outdoor activities.

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There are more than 700 kilometers of prepared trails for cross-country skiing in Jotunheimen, Rondane and Dovrefjell. Experience Nasjonal park: Jotunheimen, Rondane and Dovrefjell. Bjorli Lesja Reiseliv AS and the tourist office in Dombås welcome you to Dovrefjell Reinheimen – one part of Nasjonalparkriket.
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Europe's best rafting river, the Sjoa, rushes through the centre of Heidal with its white waters

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